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‘Halla Ho,’ based on an incident in Nagpur (2004), tells the story of 200 Dalit women who, during a rebellion, killed a criminal, a robber, a rapist, and a murderer in open court.

200 HALLA HO Movie Review

Without wasting any time, filmmaker director Sarthak Dasgupta’s film takes directly to the heart of the Dalit women’s grief. It renames any system of Indian belief in ‘blindness’ by exposing the atrocities committed against women from the so-called ‘Dalit’ castes, where they have to suffer in order to fulfill their basic needs. In addition, the game deals with the subject of rape and how criminals accused of rape and abuse try to avoid prosecution by exploiting system errors. The film talks about the moral equality of their last act born out of their accumulated anger for decades. Were they right or wrong in doing what they did as a last resort against years of oppression?

In the opening scene, a local criminal, criminal, rapist, and murderer, Balli Chaudhary (Sahil Khattar) is killed by 200 Dalit women who say that, despite being marginalized in society, tortured, and tortured they had no choice but to lay their hands on themselves to punish the man who ruined their lives. This happened in broad daylight and in front of some policemen, who were also attacked by chilli powder. Chief Inspector Suresh Patil (Upendra Limaye) arrested a group of girls from Rainagar village in Nagpur, believed to be the perpetrators. Dalit activist Asha Surve (Rinku Rajguru), speaks out against his arrest and is backed by lawyer Umesh Joshi (Barun Sobti), who represents women in court.

No one cares until it becomes a political crisis, during which the Mumbai WRC (Ladies Rights Commission) set up a Truth-finding Committee (FFC) to cover the issue and give the women a fair trial. The committee is led by retired celebrity Dalit Judge Vithhal Daangle (Amol Palekar), who is a staunch supporter of the law, and includes three other members: junior counselor Anwar Shiekh (Pradhuman Singh Mall), Nagpur University Maths Professor and social worker Abhinav Avsare (Ishtiyak Khan) and senior investigative journalist, Poorva Sawhney (Saloni Batra), who believes that being on stage and getting real news is more important than staying in an AC office.

Screen performances by Sarthak Dasgupta, Gaurav Sharma, Abhijeet Das and Soumyajit Roy have quite a lot throughout, especially Asha’s anti-opposition scenes and her ‘bai log’ are not strong enough. Some interviews highlight the apparent negligence of crimes against women, for example, when asked what charges have been leveled against her, and the criminal negligently replies, “Minor abuse and rape charges. It’s just a matter of time.” This will definitely leave you with great disappointment, not because of the film, but about the status of women in India. On the other hand, some chats and background ratings are quite central. All in all, the film’s watch is uncomfortable and makes you jump when it shows racism.

When it comes to the games, the revelations of Amol Palekar of the retired judge and head of the committee are convincing. He succeeds in making the audience sympathetic to the inner sorrow, but at times it feels a little compelling. Rinku Rajguru (like Dalit female Asha) does well to imitate a strong-willed woman who fights for women’s rights. Her on-screen chemistry with Barun Sobti sparked controversy over the acceptance of intercaste weddings, but it does not blend well with viewers as lovers. Sobti’s exposure by lawyer Umesh Joshi is quite central; provided the best performance in the past. Indraneil Sengupta’s role as IPS Sameer Deshpande is limited, but he makes his presence stand out. Upendra Limaye is as convincing as SI Suresh Patil, which makes you dislike her character. Other pitches have been used to help further the narrative.

All in all, Vithhal Daangle’s closing remarks in court – “It’s not just these suspects who are raping a woman; Our minds are the ones that are raping them, it is our body that is dealing with these horrible crimes that are so disruptive, ”- it completely integrates other people’s ideas that cause women to suffer. And if you love fictional films based on true stories, this drama is actually worth watching to understand the misery and suffering that those women had to endure.

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