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Chinese apps banned| India's second digital strike on China: 47 ...
The union government on Monday announced the closure of 47 Chinese applications. The move comes close to the Indian government’s heels blocking 59 Chinese applications, including Tiktedok’s Browser, Alibaba’s Browser, addressing security issues.

“The ban on 47 applications was ordered late last week for security reasons in the country,” a development expert told Mint. The name of these applications could not be immediately verified. There are many applications with names, functionality and operating policies such as 59 Chinese banned applications. “All of these apps are under scanner,” the man said.

An official statement awaits us.

Reportedly, the government has launched a list of 275 Chinese applications and will see if there are any violations related to national security and user privacy. According to the Economic Times newspaper, “Tencent-backed Pubg, owned by Alibaba-owned by Al Express, phone maker Xiaomi, the Reso music streaming app, owned by BonteDance among others are part of a list of apps that can be banned by the government.”

After the government began blocking 59 Chinese services, many of their clones and similar apps have risen to prominence in Google Play. Notably, Likee Lite, a toned-down-form metal banned like Likee, appeared at the top of the Google Play list a few weeks ago. Other apps from Chinese developers, such as Snack Video, have also received a ban on TikTok. IS Likee Lite and Bigo Lite are already out of the app stores.

Snack Video, owned by Chinese Kuaishou, received 10 million new downloads between June 29 and July 19, according to data from app analysis company Sensor Tower. This was approximately 59 times the app download was received between June 8 and June 28, the month before the ban.

Another app, Zili, released by Xiaomi’s stalwart smartphone, was the second largest TikTok, according to Sensor Tower. The firm found that Zili’s download had grown by 167 percent to about 8 million at one time.

While India’s apps have also received a ban, there is only one limit between TikTok’s 3 main – RMMO-owned Roposo. The Zili and German Dubsmash app is the other two, with all three collected 21.8 million downloads in India after the closure, reaching 13 percent of TikTok’s installation in the first half of 2020, Sensor Tower said. The three apps have the highest lifetime downloads on all TikTok modes on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Indian Roposo has the most download during its lifetime with an installed investment of 71 million, followed by Zili at 51 million and Dubsmash at 30.4 million.

The union technology service and union technology on an interim order on June 29 said the programs included activities that discriminated against India’s monarchy and integrity, India’s defense, national security and social order ‘. Following this, the service sent a list of 78 questions to these banned applications and gave them three weeks to respond, failing which would lead to their permanent ban.

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