5 Best Vijay Deverakonda Movies To Watch in 2021

Vijay Deverakonda is one of the most talented and good-looking people in the Indian entertainment industry right now. He has been a prominent figure in the Telugu regional industry and since Arjun Reddy re-enacted in Hindi in the manner of Kabir Singh, his popularity has touched new heights. Right now, Vijay fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his first Hindi movie and we bet the excitement is high.

The actress is ready to make her debut in Hindi with Liger alongside Ananya Panday. However, before this, today, we want to take a moment to identify his 5 most amazing movies that you should watch immediately before Liger if you are a true follower of Vijay Deverakonda. See our list below

  1. Dear Comrade
  2. World Famous Lover
  3. Geetha Govindam
  4. Mahamati
  5. Arjun Reddy

Dear Comrade

On a day when I am more important to you than cricket, Vijay Deverakonda tells Rashmika about an important moment in Bharat Kamma’s Comrade Beloved. At first glance, the scene looks like a case, a small conversation in the narrative. However, Bharat Kamma carefully sets out his account to go back to this basic message – no woman should stop falling in love. Dear Comrade has drama, anger, and a lot of love but storytelling is promoted by the leading actors and some brilliant sandwich ensures that the film stays with you long after you leave the theater.

When Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) meets Lilly (Rashmika Mandanna) for the first time, he is a brilliant, hot-headed leader. Encouraged by his grandfather, Bobby and his group of friends call each other Comrade, which means someone who lives with you through thick and thin. If Bobby finds anything far from injustice, he’s ready to hit people with it. He doesn’t care about the light or its politics, even if it gets him in trouble. But Lilly is surprised. Not only is he disliked by his machismo, he hardly catches himself in the middle of a men’s gang and interrupts them in a cricket match. But having lost her brother in a college battle, Lilly feels the danger when she looks at Bobby’s violent issues and problems in controlling his anger. Can he keep him in danger or risk losing it permanently?

The best thing about the beloved Comrade is that it has never been one thing. There are times when you feel like you can predict what will happen next from a distance, but the next one is amazing. It’s not just Bobby’s anger or Lilly’s despair. At each stage, the story takes a different turn, and more often than not, the better. Storytelling is enhanced by some excellent background music and a bad photo cinema.

Dear Comrade, however, is brought down by its screenplay, lazy and inconsistent. The climax is weak and it slows down the film’s note, even though it has some powerful games. The strong second half would have lifted the film high. The director tries the arcs of so many stories as the film progresses and they don’t always work.

What works wonderfully is the performance of two leaders. Vijay, in particular, is exciting. Given the number of times, it changes his character’s arc and the ease he goes with it proves his talent as an actor and he shows to Dear Comrade that he’s not just an angry person or a compelling flirt – he’s a perfect pack. Rashmika impresses in one of his major roles to date, and it gives you its roots.

Though slow and lazy at times with a slightly lower peak, dear Comrade is a good effort. A film that makes you think, keeps you guessing, and plays with your emotions. After the film, there is a good chance you will come out with your collar on and be ready to raise your voice to anything that doesn’t sit right with you – even if it’s just for a moment. That’s the best cinema effect you can have for yourself.

World Famous Lover

Every second, millions of stories are unveiled on the planet, unique to one another, says the world’s leading movie star, right at the start of the film. This love affair, however, seems to be on the wane and is full of rage, sadness, and frustration. If the story doesn’t have a happy ending, director Krran Madhav introduces it to many fiction and tries to put it all together in the main frame. But when the crux of the story is angry, bitter and hateful, the film often focuses on tragedy. World Famous Lover comes as a brave writer who gives the audience two hours and 36 minutes of his tears and frustration.

As soon as the film begins, we are introduced to the story of Gautham (Vijay Deverakonda) and Jamini (Raashi Khanna), a young couple with a permanent relationship. But things are far from over. Yamini is trapped in a loveless relationship. He goes to work, and Gautham, a struggling writer, is here at home, sleeping and watching cartoons on television. Gautham is shy, empty and has no focus while Yamin cries in his way of life, while eating, making love and bathing – until he can no longer take it. When Yamini decides to leave Gautham, he decides to start writing and proving a point for him, and introduces him to the world of Seenayya (Vijay Deverakonda), Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh) and Smitha (Catherine Tresa). Gautham uses these fictional characters to feel better about himself and to convince Yamin to bring him back, but when the bomb explodes, will he be able to save his relationship?

Perhaps the only saving grace of the film is the outstanding performance of Vijay Deverakonda in the Telangana language as a Seenayya coal miner. There is a treasure trove when Seenayya attacks her father when he asks her where she is on her bike. Probably the only thing that makes you smile a little and give you a breather from the morose title of the film.

The relationship between a miner in a small town and a high-ranking woman, a high-ranking woman, though fictional, seems absurd. But Seenayya’s story is the only thing that stands out from the world-famous Lover. If the story of Gautham and Yamini is shocking, the story of Gautham and Iza’s (Izabelle Leite) love is a sham. When Gautham arrives in Paris and says ‘Hola’, he knows things can get in trouble. He soon finds a French girlfriend, who, upon discovering this, speaks Telugu and will only sleep after the wedding. It’s not a love story and more than 20 minutes of weird cinema. Although, as a viewer, you may wish it had lasted longer because the minute you end it, we are back to Gautham’s endless sobsest.

Vijay Deverakonda screams, cries, hits glasses, hits his head on the rocks, speaks Telangana language and jumps on planes, but he is still an helpless spectator as Kranti Madhav annoys the audience with her love story. Aishwarya Rajesh stands out among women for her powerful performance. Raashi Khanna is blown away by a poorly written character, where all she does is cry. Both Catherine and Izabelle were reduced to less important roles.

With a film that should be a way of loving, World Famous Lover has very little love and a lot of bitterness. And with all the grief in the show, you never once sympathize with any grief of the character. When Jamin leaves Gautham, he thinks he should have done it sooner. When Gautham knocks things over and makes the scene, he panics. And when he pretends and cries out “I have no one”, he wants the film to end. This is a love story where you don’t know that the two roots end up together. The film begins and ends with tears and the only thing you have to do with it – but for all the wrong reasons.

Geetha Govindam

Vijay Govind (Vijay Deverakonda), a young college teacher dreaming of a wedding falls on Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna), a woman who is in a state of vigilance with strangers and is not easy to convince. While things seem to be going well, Vijay makes a terrible mistake that not only loses any hope of his love affair, but also has potential consequences for his family.

Review: As simple as it sounds like making a rom-com, we often see filmmakers trying and failing when it comes to successfully achieving the “cool fun” in Hollywood. Director Parasuram, however, finds it right with Geetha Govindam. His portrayal is obvious, the writing and impression of the film is almost perfect. With a lovely lead couple and some lovely music, Geetha Govindam is absolutely delightful.

We were introduced to Vijay Govind (Vijay Deverakonda), a college professor, who dreams of marrying and settling with a woman. He is a normal young man who likes to drink and hang out with his friends but the only thing on his mind is to get married. When he wants to find a girl, he runs to Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna). She loves him fast, but he stays cold and away as they travel the bus ride together. As soon as he starts to warm up to her, he makes a big mistake, which not only discards his whole love story but also affects his relationship with his father (Naga Babu) and soon he becomes a brother-in-law (Subba Raju).

Geetha is convinced that Vijay is a man of compulsive love and a carefree child, while calling her ‘Madam’ and insisting on her honesty. Whenever he comes close to pleasing her, things go awry. They continue in this vein to the point that it is repeated, but the way the actors release it makes you profitable. Conversations also work and good jokes, which end when you start to lose interest. Gopi Sundar is in top form and the music stays with you so far, enhancing your viewing experience (especially the song Inkem Inkem Inkem Kavaale).

Sometimes, however, the film slows down and seems to go nowhere, especially in sequence later. The plot that suddenly appeared in the second episode is unsatisfactory, and while it didn’t ruin the film, you couldn’t help but wonder if it would have been better. This, however, is a minor distraction for a film made otherwise.

Back with the love avatar behind Pelli Choopulu, Vijay Deverakonda is the owner of the film. He is more attractive than ever and freely partially equal to Vijay Govind. Rashmika also shines in the beginning and the scenes between the two are what make Geetha Govindam so popular. Rahul Ramakrishna is funny as usual, and Vennela Kishore steals the game by coming in late with a laugh.
Geetha Govindam has great comedy, great music and beautiful leading pairs. But most importantly, it has a story, which, despite its unpredictable nature, keeps viewers engaged and entertained. If you like rom-coms, you’ll get rid of this. Big thumb!

Arjun Reddy

Arjun Reddy (Vijay Deverakonda) is riding a Bullet-vintage, playing football, angry, the last little medical year he believes his action is always right. Preeti (Shalini Pandey), a first-year student, walks through her life and love when she first sees the protagonist. She is very different from everything she is and at first, she seems to be harassing her to spend time with her. But time passes, love blossoms, love roars, and nowhere does his fire subside.

But things are changing; circumstances force Arjun away from his love and he seems to strike a chord with amazing, but unexpected power. He turns into the modern Devadas, complete with a dog next to him. From the clever young man whose only release was his rage, he turns into an aggressive drunkard who smokes a bottle in his spare time and makes coke whenever he gets too much. Despite all of this, he continues to work as a surgeon in the hospital until life threatening to throw him off his back again.

There is one dialogue in the movie that completely summarizes the character of Arjun Reddy. Priyadarshi, who plays a cameo in the film, calls Arjun a ‘man with a free spirit in a democratic world’. There is nothing better than that to describe a character you can both love when you meet him in real life. With ‘Arjun Reddy’, Sandeep Vanga has managed to tell a story that is rarely told, without sleaze or cheesy lines or OTT drama.

The protagonists of this film refreshingly refuse to confirm. All the shameful things in the world become Arjun’s way of life. He asks about the good behavior of the middle class who continues to throw him in his face, and lives his life without giving up. Even if you turn to drugs, alcohol and unusual sex, there is an attitude of not giving up on Arjun. For him, these are the ways to end it – to escape the pain of his heart. The script is real, the act is green forgetting Arjun Reddy is a character played by Vijay Deverakonda. You feel this very much when you are in a key square before the moment you face Arjun Reddy with a broken heart and you know that you too have been left with a broken heart and a lump in your throat. After a simple-hearted film like ‘Pelli Choopulu’, Vijay Deverakonda has shown that he is more than just a beautiful face, by carrying a complex character like this.

Preeti, on the other hand, starts out as a shy student who believes she is being abused and turns into a woman who is right in her beliefs and strong enough to stand up for them.

While Vijay Deverakonda laid down the star of the show, and Preeti managed to arrive for a moment, it was the character of Arjun’s friend Shiva (Rahul) who deserves special mention. You know the light of the sun on the earth that continues to be dark in Arjun. Kanchana, who plays the role of her grandmother in the film, has also released a role.

The dialogues, the characters, the situations in the film are so raw and realistic, one almost never bothers us for a long time pulling in the second half. Also worth mentioning are the beautiful songs, and the music director Radhan is doing a great job of them. ‘Arjun Reddy’ just puts it, the start of a new film era in the Telugu film industry.

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