5 South Indian films to release on OTT this Diwali

Despite theater openings in the country, many films still prefer to go for direct OTT releases and some prefer OTT releases behind their stage theater. With most of the releases coming straight to our homes, here are 7 hot – South Indian films scheduled to be released at various OTT le Diwali venues.


The late USP Jhananathan was a filmmaker who saw films as a way to spread his ideas. Naturally, there was more to preaching courage in his films. Laabam is affected. The film is a cry about anti-capitalism, about how greed for profit leads to decisions that seem good in the short term, but are actually long-term disasters for both people and the world.

His character is Pakkiri (Vijay Sethupathi), president of a farmers’ association in Peruvayal, who wants to reclaim Panchami land taken by homeowners, return it to the common man and use it for a community farming program that benefits everyone. the farmers of the city. But a major local shot, Vanangamudi (Jagapathi Babu, typecast for a century as a greedy capitalist) has other plans. He wants to start a bio-diesel project that will bring him billions. And with the police and politicians in his pocket, Vanangamudi will go to great lengths to ensure that his plan is successful.

Laabam is what one might call a film with good intentions, but are noble intentions enough to make us care about the film? It depends on how much you abort in teaching. This is the kind of film in which the main character is seen as a person who seems to know everything and is literally called God by his people. Here, Vijay Sethupathi – whose appearance eventually changes from one scene to the next – describes the concept of profit on bread (la Vijay, which gave communism a line of nests with idli), explains the ways in which sugarcane enters and converts it into more products and reveals that the sugarcane farmer still how he suffers, he narrates history and politics about land ownership, and so on and so forth. Yes, these are educational times, but when it comes to storytelling, they can only be described as a waste of information.

The film’s story is scattered. Instead of moving from one event to another, here, we move from one story to another at a fast pace that gives us a false sense of momentum. The characters, too, are painted in broad letters. Pakkiri is said to be a man like Fakir who has come a long way in the world, so we are asked to consider whatever he says to be right. You have a group of friends, but none of them are memorized. The popularity of Kalaiyarasan and Sai Dhanshika is played out by non-essential roles. As for Vanangamudi, he does all the popular things that the film’s rich criminals do – he owns a palace, has women help him and calls him, he has a corrupt cop around him forever …! Then, too, we have the mandate for women. This is Clara (Shruti Haasan), actress. The little that is said about Clara’s importance to the building is better. Until we find an endless love track between him and Pakkiri, left with gratitude as soon as it is brought to the program.

With Jhananthan gone, it is difficult to determine just how much of this filthy talk there is. The director had shot the film, but passed away during the editing process, with his assistants completing the post-production production. But sadly Laabam will still be the final film of this director.

Family Drama

The trailer for the upcoming film ‘Family Drama’ has been released. Exciting mysterious stars Suhas, Teja Kasarapu and Pooja Kiran in the lead roles. It also features Anusha Nuthula, Shruti Meher and Sanjay Ratha in a key role.

The ‘Family Drama’ trailer gives viewers a glimpse of the grandeur of this mysterious drama. It starts with a man ordering something to eat at a store and giving the drug to a salesman. He rejects his request. The trailer then follows the story of a broken family and a series of suspicious events. It looks like Sushas will be seen narrating the murderous killer in the film. If the trailer has anything to go by, director Meher Tej and his team seem to have put together a fun and mysterious thing at the edge of the seat.

Watch the ‘Family Drama’ trailer here:

The ‘Family Drama’ is the prelude to Meher Tej’s directing. In addition to directing, Meher Tej has also registered for the ‘Family Drama’ in a joint venture with Shamanukha Prasanth under Chashma Films, Noothana Bharathi Films and Mango Mass Media. ‘Family Drama’ cast includes cinematographer Venkat R Shakamuri, composers Ajay and Sanjay and editor Ramakrishna Arram.

Jai Bhim

Suriya is ready to step into the shoes of a lawyer for the first time with his upcoming film ‘Jai Bheem’. The first visual film has just been released and recent reports indicate that the film is based on the 1993 legal battle. Syria’s situation depends on a large lawyer for real life named Chandru. The film is based on the official battle led by Chandru, with the aim of bringing justice to the Irular woman.

The first impressive poster ‘Jai Bheem’ was released in a few languages, and raised speculation that the film might be a direct release of OTT. Also, it would not be surprising if it happened as Suirya’s last film also skipped theater release. Syria is said to have come from a cameo role in ‘Jai Bheem’. But the director denied the report and said his character would come a long way.

‘Jai Bheem’ directed by Tha Se Gnanavel, and music by Sean Roldan.

Sridevi Soda Center

The lightman falls on a girl running a bar. While love flourishes between these couples, caste-based racism in their city will not allow them to conquer.

Update: Love stories embroiled in sectarian conflicts are not a new concept in Tollywood. What’s new though is the person who tells them – Karuna Kumar – and how the film ends. While Kumar’s authentic and powerful text does its job, Sudheer Babu deserves credit for acknowledging yes to this work.

Set in one of the coastal cities of Andhra Pradesh, the Sridevi Soda Center tells the story of Suri Babu (Sudheer Babu), the region’s leading light manager. He is a hardworking man with little dreams of wanting to repair his house. Sridevi (Anandhi) owns a soda center in the same town and is fighting for her. It is a fire that does not tolerate nonsense. A love story and a series of episodes that take place slowly but slowly as the film immerses itself in the complexities. Romance scenes, when well written, leave a person feeling lonely.

A heartbreaking scene in the film shows an opponent urinating on Suri Babu’s father (Raghu Babu). It sets the tone for how widespread class discrimination is. Suri’s anger at getting him back into trouble and changing his plans to live a happy life with Sridevi. It takes time for Karuna Kumar to get to the nearest point and show the dark side of genre diversity but when he gets there, he does it with vigor. Until then Sridevi’s father (Naresh) is a loving man who loves his daughter very much. But when he sees that he loves her, his paruvu will not allow him to give the union his blessing.
The story (no spoiler here) takes a dark turn, as it often does in real life today and the ending is far from happy. The crude and traumatic scenes in the pre-climax make you feel really angry and the climax is accompanied by emotions. Mani Sharma’s background music and the song Manduloda are striking.

Sudheer Babu, who has played everything from a boy near the door to a policeman walks out of his comfort zone to produce more scenes here. While he gets a chance to show off his six packs, he also shows that he can play. Anandhi fits snugly into the character’s skin and delivers impressive performance. Naresh deserves credit for her flawless performance even though that is no longer surprising. Some actors excel in their role.

The Sridevi Soda Center has a powerful story line and while Karuna Kumar is taking his best time to get through the turbulent things, it is worth the wait. The narrative may test your patience but not every day the filmmaker faces a segment of such depth.

MGR Magan  

MGR Magan is a Tamil comedy-drama movie directed by Ponram. The film stars Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, and Mirnalini Ravi in the lead roles alongside Sathyaraj, Saranya Ponvannan, and Singam Puli in the supporting roles.

Release Date

Sanak is streaming from November 04 on DisneyPlus Hotstar.

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