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Amazon 50000 Pay Balance Quiz Time FZ Contest Timings & Prize Details

  • Amazon Quiz Today Prize – 50000 Pay Balance Amazon QuizTime
  • Quiz Date – 26 September 2021
  • Daily Timing – 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
  • Winner Announcement – 26th September 2021, 11:59 PM

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily Funzone 26 September Win 50000 Pay Balance

Answer: (B) Lion

Answer: (C) Angelina Jolie

Answer: (B) Cincinnati Masters

Answer: (C) Japanese

Answer: (C) Lemon

Amazon Daily Quiz Questions & Answers

Q1: An organisation called ‘Big Cat Rescue’ decided to celebrate 10th August as World ____ Day. Fill in the blanks with the name of an animal

Answer: (B) Lion

Q2: Which famous actress plays the role of ‘Thena’ in the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Eternals’?

Answer: (C) Angelina Jolie

Q3: Which of these Masters series titles did Alexander Zverev win by beating his childhood friend Andrey Rublev in the final?

Answer: (B) Cincinnati Masters

Q4: Which Asian cuisine does this dish belong to?

Answer: (C) Japanese

Q5: Name the primary ingredient used in this refreshing, summer-time beverage?

Answer: (C) Lemon

Q1: On 9th August, 1945 the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki. What was the bomb called?

Answer: (A) Fat Man

Q2: Which WWE superstar plays the role of ‘Peacemaker’ in the 2021 movie ‘Suicide Squad’?

Answer: (B) John Cena

Q3: India were bowled out for 78 in the first innings of a Test match played at which venue in England in 2021?

Answer: (C) Headingley

Q4: Which Chinese Province is the largest of these statues located in?

Answer: (A) Sichuan

Q5: Which biological process do grapes undergo, in order to produce this type of alcohol?

Answer: (C) Fermentation

Amazon Daily Quiz Questions & Answers

Q1: On 8th August, a day is dedicated to a famous movement, part of India’s freedom struggle. Name the movement

Answer: (D) Quit India Movement

Q2: In Spiderman:No Way Home , Alfred Molina returns to play the role of which villain he had played in a previous Spiderman film?

Answer: (A) Doctor Octopus

Q3: At the recently concluded, World Junior Athletics Championship Amit Khatri won a silver in which event?

Answer: (C) 10 km walk

Q4: What was the name of this bird in the movie, Rio?

Answer: (A) Rafael

Q5: Which continent can the invention of this art form be traced back to?

Answer: (D) Asia

Amazon Daily Quiz Questions & Answers 23 September

Q1: On 6th August ______ day is observed to commemorate a tragic day in human history. Fill in the blanks with the name of a city

Answer: (C) Hiroshima

Q2: On August 26th, Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, located in which current day country?

Answer: (A) North Macedonia

Q3: India won 11 medals at the recently concluded World Junior Wrestling Championships held in which country?

Answer: (A) Russia

Q4: This breed of cat, takes its name from the former name of which country?

Answer: (B) Thailand

Q5: What food substance do these insects prepare?

Answer: (B) Honey

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Daily Quiz Questions & Answers 22 September

Q1: ____________ day is celebrated in the UK on 1st August, in honour of UK’s largest county. Name it

Answer: (D) Yorkshire

Q2: Which actress born on August 5th, made her Bollywood debut in the film ‘Bekhudi’?

Answer: (B) Kajol

Q3: In which of these sports did India win its first medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games?

Answer: (A) Table Tennis

Q4: Which of the following was India’s first “original” for this streaming platform?

Answer: (C) Sacred Games

Q5: Which pigment causes leaves to be of this colour?

Answer: (C) Chlorophyll

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How to play Amazon Today Quiz

Very easy to play amazon quiz Today, you just need to download the amazon app or open the website in mobile version, where you can search for “Quiz” in the search bar. After the search, you will find the Fun-Zone option, where you can earn daily prizes.

Now, you just need to select the amazon questions on 17 September 2021 you want to play, after selecting the questions you need to answer all 5 questions correctly in order to win prizes. The winner of the ongoing quiz will be announced after the quiz ends, and you can check it out in the amazon winner quiz section.

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