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At PM Modi-Putin Dinner, India’s Most Direct Appeal To End Ukraine War

At a private dinner meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, held during PM Modi’s visit to Russia, India took a significant diplomatic stance on the ongoing Ukraine war. The meeting, which took place amidst heightened global tensions, highlighted India’s proactive role in advocating for peace and stability in the region.

During the dinner, Prime Minister Modi conveyed India’s concern over the escalating conflict in Ukraine and emphasized the importance of resolving it through dialogue and peaceful means. This appeal represents India’s most direct intervention yet in the Ukraine crisis, reflecting its commitment to global peace initiatives despite its longstanding policy of non-alignment.

The meeting between PM Modi and President Putin underscored the bilateral relationship between India and Russia, which has been traditionally characterized by strategic cooperation in various fields including defense, energy, and space. The discussions also touched upon strengthening economic ties and enhancing cultural exchanges between the two nations.

India’s appeal for ending the Ukraine war aligns with its broader foreign policy objectives of promoting international peace and security. As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, India has consistently advocated for multilateralism and peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms.

Overall, the private dinner meeting between PM Modi and President Putin not only reaffirmed the strong bilateral ties between India and Russia but also showcased India’s proactive diplomatic approach in addressing global challenges such as the Ukraine conflict.

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