BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA PRE-REGISTRATION STARTED:  As we all know that the pre-registration of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA has to be started soon on 18 May 2021. And today is the day when it all has started. You guys hurry up for the registration because there are only limited slots available for pre-registration. 

We will be discussing with you the steps to pre-register for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fastly and effectively. It is very easy to make a Pre-Registration of the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, you just need the following steps I mentioned below. And there are many ways to access the last page of the Battleground Mobile India subscription page.


Steps for the pre-registration of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

  1. On May 18, 2021, a button or link will arrive at
  2. You just need to click on the link, and we’ll redirect you to the Google Play Store.
  3.  In the Google Play Store, you must sign in with your Gmail ID.
  4.  Then you can easily pre-register for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA [BGMI]
  5.  And when the game is available the download of Battleground Mobile India will start automatically.
You are not getting any pre-registration of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA
It might happen to us that few users get the pre-registration of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA early and few not so do not be panic about this all will get an see the pre-registration option on play store. It is because earlier also when it was PUBG then also users get updates at different times so this might happen to us now also so be relaxed and just wait for the right moments when pre-registration appears on your screen. 

Please do not use VPN to get early access to pre-registration because if you are using VPN and it will connect to the other country server and this game is only made for Indian users os you might not be able to get the game and it will be difficult for you to pre-register for the game and get the access of it. 

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