Best Adsense Alternatives 2021- High CPM and High CPC Rates

We will provide you with a list of the best Google Adsense methods you can use on your website or blog if you are blocked by Google Adsense or can find other alternatives to Google Adsense. Read the full article for more details.

Looking for alternatives to Google Adsense?

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the market leader in the field of online advertising, they are confident that you will only be strong in the market, and open to all sizes, even if one has only one area of ​​its few pages; they welcome you as a publisher. But why do so many people want another Google Adsense?

The app allows you to use a publisher, and it’s easy to put JavaScript on pages, this is the result of major Google Adsense program policies, many webmasters have had a very bad experience with Adsense, one of the most common things that Google will disable your account at any time without notice and you will ask what they say, why this situation is beyond the power of the webmaster.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Google, but when you just woke up and checked your email, “Your account has been disabled,” think of all the frustrations, why not? a webmaster looking for another way to use Google Adsense, and there are many of them on the Internet. Yes, this is a huge list of wireless networks that offer ads to the publisher for no political purpose.

OK, so let me move on, looking for another Google Adsense. I have found a large network of ads like AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks, Kontera, Clicksor, and, like many others, have been searching and researching and finding a unique solution that goes further and further, Google Adsense, yes, yes, I have a publisher solution, and I want another -Google Adsense.

I show you the best options, as paid by the publishers, as well as PayPal, so the easiest way to get out, make a call, etc. For a small fee of $ 20, Publisher goes up to $ 20 per click, yes, yes, read carefully that, for $ 20 per click, Adsense, and there is no need to make a great site policy to comply with many Adsense sites, there are thousands of custom templates that use your custom object or location.

Blocked by Google Adsense, What to Do Next

This has to be done for thousands of people because there are so many people who are not approved by the Adsense program, and they are useless, and most of them rely on AdSense to make money on its websites, and honestly, this is a big mistake, as a rule.

If you are an Adsense publisher, you will respond to people who complain that AdSense has been blocked from the account for no reason or reason, and in most cases, the publisher, who should be mistreated and unjustly blocked for no reason, and will email you, should find out the reasons why stopped working, and they were left in the dark.

Adsense is undoubtedly the market leader, and at the moment, it is the simplest and easiest solution to make easy money, but the seriousness of the policy, the video, this happens to many publishers, who come from outside, and are beginning to look the way out.

It is a bad dream, as a publisher, that is what happens when your Google Adsense account, or dollars to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, because the income, without hard work, so the chances of recovering your account, frankly, the chance to recover 1%, and that’s a 99% chance to renew, very rare and special cases, better to renew the account.

For most people, it’s best to forget about it and stop wasting your time and money, as you can send messages to Google, these are the only robots to respond to your emails, not people, they won’t work, if you don’t use I have a large account, or,

The real reason for your blocked google adsense

Not all items will be immediately blocked from your AdSense account:

  • By clicking the ads, they are accepted, click fraud, and they are not allowed to fast.
  • You will not violate any of our terms and conditions.
  • Besides, politics, credit report, hardship, journalists, politicians and publishers (people) need to survive.
  • One person said that, suddenly the account, or entered the IP address of multiple accounts, and this, if any, could help a friend in the AdSense program.
  • If you feel unable to get back into your account, and we will give you another way to use Adsense, there is a lot more good for you, and it will make you feel like you would like AdSense to come back, even more.

List of Google Adsense Alternatives

  • Adsterra
  • Pop Ads
  • Propeller Ads
  • Monumetric
  • Content
  • AdThrive
  • Mediavine
  • InfoLinks
  • IBidvertiser
  • SHE Media
  • RevenueHits
  • Adcash
  • BuySellAds
  • Skimlinks
  • Indigenous Purchase Ads for Amazon
  • Sovrn // Commerce

All other AdSense alternatives provided here are available. But before you apply for more AdSense you should learn about their eligibility procedures and policies.

Why Adsense is not the best way to make money with your blog

Adsense is easy to set up, just enter the code and the ads start to show on your site. There is no need to worry about choosing the right advertiser to work with or trying to figure out which online store will be able to dramatically convert your traffic into sales. Apart from these AdSense integration sites, there is not always the best way to make money with your blog, unless you are scrutinizing/evaluating all the other ways you leave money on the table.

Google’s biggest competition for Adsense comes from affiliate advertising. To work together you need to choose a particular online store or web business you want to work with, this is part of a process that can be complicated and time-consuming. You need to find the closest partner to all the content on your blog and the purpose of your visitors.

The fitness section should be easy to use but working for guest purposes is not always easy, sometimes it means changing your content to attract people with a “shopping mindset”. For example, if you had a blog that covered the entire area of ​​”computer hardware” that would be a wide area to work with. On the other hand, if your site (or part of it) is offered in high-powered drives it is clear which affiliate ads will work best there.

The closer you get to that 100% eligibility mark the more money you will make. However keep in mind that for your affiliate marketing you are only paid for the actual sales you bring, however, some sites offer up to 30% sales commission.

Another important point that you need to work on when it comes to associating your ads with your content. Of course, you can simply place an ad or text ad next to your page instead of AdSense, but this is not the best way to make money. Instead, why not review a product contact that offers special offers with a shopping link below?

You can take a step forward with reviews of your videos using the product and talk about the benefits. Video is a thousand times popular with today’s generation of YouTube and many will take the time to watch a video when they don’t want to read 1000 word reviews. The more affiliated marketers are, the more likely they are to combine their ads with seamless content. Good advertising does not need to separate the readings of your main blog, in fact, it should go along with it.

The best thing AdSense has done for you is “out of the box” and if you are a new blogger you are trying to save some very interesting time. But in my experience, if you set aside time to find the right partner to work with, you will make a lot of money. I hope this article has been helpful if you are considering making money with your blog in the future.

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