BGMI Month 3 Royale Pass: Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 3 Release Date, Rewards, Check More Details

BGMI 3 Royale Pass Month: Battlefield Fences India India Season 3 Release, Awards: Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the best royal theater performances in the country. Battlegrounds Mobile India known as BGMI is approaching its third month. So, we’re all set for another exciting season. As always, BGMI is ready to announce the release date, rewards, Royale Pass, and more. So, today we are discussing BGMI 3 Royale Pass Month and everything about Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 3 Leaks.

Krafton has introduced a new Royale Pass player program. The program includes a monthly RP cycle. The maximum RP level will be reduced from 100 levels to 50 levels. In addition, every month we will have a new circle. However, the current term for the entire RP M2 is about to end on September 16, 2021. Therefore, the 3rd Month of BGMI RB will be launched from 17 to 18 September 2021.

BGMI 3 Royale Pass Month: Battlefields India India Season 3 Release Date, Awards

In terms of play structure, players can compete in RP for free. In addition, they can also complete missions to rate Pass for multiple rewards. There are at least 50 prizes available on the Free Pass. However, Gamers can also upgrade to Elite Pass to get over 100 rewards for both Free Pass and Elite Pass. Let me tell you, unused cards like RP Point Cards, RP Mission Cards, RP Upgrade Cards will be invalid after the end of the season.

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Most players improve their RP for special rewards. The new season offers new awards. However, there are fixed rewards (BP, RP point cards, UC, AG, silver pieces) available throughout the season.

Let’s take a look at the special month of BGMI 3 Royale Pass i.e. Indian War Season 3 Leak.BGMI Royal Pass Awards.

  • Lots of themes: Macha Bruiser Set (set of high-tech weapons), Deep-Fried Set (Chip box headgear and colorful clothing.
  • Friend: German Shepherd Battle Set and German Shepherd.
  • Emotes: Deep Fried (serving chip box); Twist Dance; Macha Bruiser (cool dance).
  • Weapons Skin: Veggie Parcel M16A4 (all black leather), Lone Wolf QBZ leather (cool black leather).

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