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Police Chief Pavan Kripalani, a terrifying comedy that keeps its cards close to the chest until we enter the second round, opens, believe it or not, at the rate of Abraham Lincoln. However, it continues to quickly put the ghost of the first American President to rest because he is clearly not in the middle of a zany plot. There is nothing in this crazy, cool film about self-proclaimed ghost drivers who can associate themselves with anything Lincoln might have had when he said: “Believing in things you can see or touch is not a belief at all.

There’s not much in the Boot Police that is unbelievable right away, but what we see in this film is funny enough for us that we can be bothered by its vibration with horrible ideas. Out on Disney + Hotstar, the film is constantly wrapped up around what to believe and why not as two brothers, Vibhooti Vaidya and Chiraunji Vaidya (Arjun Kapoor), the sons of the famous Tllric Ullat Baba, who are constantly arguing. They do not see eye to eye with the purpose of voodooism.

Two brothers who disagree meet two sisters who have nothing in common – one wants to protect his father’s legacy, the other dreams to return to London and not live. Emerging problems cause war between superstition and doubt.

Vibotioti is an insecure swindler who succeeds in exploiting the unknown fear of man for financial gain. Inspector Chedilal (Jaaved Jaffrey) pursues the boy because he has old points that he will fix with his family.

Chiraunji, on the other hand, is determined to kill the teachings of his late father and sees himself as the right heir to the family-made art, revealing at one point, seven generations. Kuch toh logic lagao, Vibhooti keeps saying to his younger brother even though he is well aware that they are not in the business of the mind. So is the film.

Despite their varied world views, the brothers continued to hunt in pairs. A duplicate van like a wheelchair takes them wherever they are needed. The film opens with a mansion in the desert where the girl is believed to have the spirit of her grandfather. “Kaali urjaa hain yahaan (There is dark power here),” said the younger brother as they got out of their car outside the house. That is a prediction he will make for the next several years.

What happens as the two men confront the little girl (Yashaswini Dayama) and the spirit he controls gives Vibhooti an even greater reason for the existence of ghosts. Chiraunji, however, is unable to relinquish his faith in the power of a broken little book of world knowledge given to him by his father.

The brothers end up in the tea area of ​​Dharamshala instructed by the Maya (Yami Gautam). You need their help to clear the kitchen house, the evil and stubborn winds of the mountains, which have been affecting productivity in his monetary industry. The workers left before sunset every day because they feared that the wind would blow in the dark.

Speaking of the dark, the Boot Police, shot by Jaya Krishna Gummadi, make good use of bright spaces, both inside and out, with fog and shadows, creating the atmosphere of a disrespectful, enticing ghost story. that is enhanced by the strong language of the cheek-tongue (written by Kripalani, Pooja Ladha Surti and Sumit Batheja) that remembers and sends out many meetings that often go into a major shocking event.

Are the Boot police always smart? Probably not, but it has its share of humorous scenes and real exchanges. One would doubt that the quality of the one-liners they discard does not change, but when Saif Ali Khan brings his comic art to the act of delivering oral punches with a straight face, the police parts of the Boot are a complete and a half hoot.

Her few scenes with Jacqueline Fernandez, playing Maya’s skeptical sister Kanika, who has no patience with the beloved exorcist exiles Maya has inherited, are distracted because a few puns have come home.

Kanika affirms that nepotism and andh vishwas (blind faith) are the things that destroy the nation. Vibhooti and Chiraunji are guilty of benefiting from the former and selling the latter. He also describes the two brothers as “bloodthirsty” who were given to deceive the uninitiated with their “video” of fraud.

In another scene, Saif’s character asks Khanika Kanika if he knows what aas (hope) means. I do, he says and is quick to warn her by kicking her in the waist. In one scene, it’s a girl’s turn to ask a question. You wonder if you are the “type” of Vibhooti. The man replies: “Main toh jagat premi hoon, every genre is my type (I am a global lover, all genres are my genus).” If that’s funny enough, the film has other scenes playing the same way.

Police in Boot may not be the kind of film that will rock the whole world, but Saif Ali Khan, when he subscribed, is a happy thing. It does not mean that Arjun Kapoor is compatible with him. Jacqueline Fernandez gives her thumbs up for fun, while Yami Gautam plays a steady hand until things turn drastically on the final line of the film.

Jaaved Jaffrey has a long cameo that he uses a lot. Rajpal Yadav and Girish Kulkarni added a quick passing appearance. Jamie Lever and the late Amit Mistry (probably his last film role) play supporting roles that suffer from the need for adequate attention from screenwriters.

It benefits from the fact that the Boot Police do not set an extremely high line. Best of all, he doesn’t take himself seriously despite asking Abraham Lincoln before the start of the campaign. So, all the film needs to be entertained is a passing script and a group of actors who know exactly where they are in this violent rigmarole. It has those two things and more. In a simple location, the Boot Police, powered by Saif Ali Khan, are fun as they continue.

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