Bigg Boss OTT: Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath’s connection gets eliminated from the show

Bigg Boss OTT’s latest episode saw yet another elimination and after Urfi Javed, it was the time of Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath‘s connection to leave the show. The pair became the latest contestants to get eliminated from the reality TV. Karan and Ridhima stayed in the Bigg Boss OTT house for two weeks, but they were not seen much in the show.

From tasks to their overall performance on Bigg Boss OTT, Ridhima and Karan did not do much on Bigg Boss OTT. The announcement left all the contestants shocked.

Bigg Boss OTT’s host Karan Johar announced Ridhima and Karan’s name for elimination. During her stay in the house, Ridhima had an emotional meltdown after her fight with Pratik Sehajpal. She suffered an anxiety attack and her friends Shamita Shetty and Divya Agarwal calmed her down.

Viewers got to witness Karan Nath’s aggressive side when during an episode, Pratik called Raqesh ‘spineless’. He charged towards him and warned him to not call him spineless.

The episode saw many moments like Zeeshan was called out for his behaviour towards Akshara in the show during the fight. He was asked by host Karan Johar to sit behind on a chair away from the rest of the contestants and was also not allowed to talk in between. Karan Johar also called out Shamita for using abusive language for Nishant and she apologised to the latter.

Karan also bashed Akshara for using foul language against Zeeshan and when she tried to give her explanation, Karan refused to listen to her.

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