Candy Web Series Review: Web series ‘Candy’ managed to keep you hooked till the end

Chandan Roy Sanyal is an amazing artist. His performance in one of his films ‘Prog’ is a milestone in his career. Ashish R Shukla, who directed this film, got a lot of discussion after this with the web series ‘Undekhee’. His film ‘Bahut Hua Samman’ was also discussed a lot but for other reasons. Ashish is the director of Nayi Soch. There is also a graph of the characters of their stories, but the characters of their stories also look like you have seen them somewhere before. This is the problem of all those new directors who are looking for a reference to think of a character. When they are watching the script with their eyes closed, they need something they have already seen so that they can connect to their new character. Even while watching the web series ‘Candy’, you may remember from the films ‘Donny Darko’ released 20 years ago to ‘Masaan’, ‘Udaan’ and ‘The Last Hour’, but as these days every film and Even before the start of the web series, it is told that these similarities are just coincidence. ‘Candy’ opens a chapter in the burgeoning drug trade in schools. The story is the same, the thinking is new and the good thing is that the series keeps you hooked till the end.

Here it is good in the web series that the stories get completed till seven to eight episodes. The web series ‘Candy’ is also of eight episodes. ‘Candy’ means toffee, tremor, pill. The story ‘Candy’, set against the backdrop of the mountains, deals with the candy business. The businessman is the son of a veteran of the area. Media people keep turning their backs on all this. The son is wringing his paws. Getting ready for the long jump. And, meanwhile it looks like Masaan. A character like a legend. It is a mountainous area. There is mist. There is fog. And there are murders. The people living in the villages situated on the mountains have many stories of intimidation. Masaan is also an anecdote from them. Drugs are the same business as tales. And, in the midst of all these myths, there are two characters in which one appears to be a complete film master and the other a police officer trying to look like the real one. If you are fond of suspense thriller stories then this series is for you.

The web series ‘Candy’ can be called a decent effort in terms of writing and direction. Debjeet and Advance have got the background of the story right. The characters are also well crafted. The set up and pay back of these characters are also well thought out. Just his flashbacks are patchy in the story and do not match with its choli. As a director, Ashish R Shukla chose the actors himself to portray a pre-prepared story on the screen or the producers gave them casting on their behalf, in this lies the real secret of this series.

Ashish has his own set pattern of viewing characters through the camera. He has caught this pattern from the beginning and is using it rarely. Faraz Khan should have helped him here as a cinematographer. Technically the web series ‘Candy’ is an average series which manages to bring it to an end from the director’s point of view. Ashish R Shukla has also tried his best to keep the cast of his series close to their characters.

Richa Chadha has tried to be very comfortable as a DSP level police officer in the series. Police officers walking around with notepads and pens are rarely seen in Hindustani web series. The truth is that even in the era of Digital India, the policing system is still passing through this phase. Ronit Roy’s emotional bond with his students also works well. It would have been better if the story went through the school classes a little more.

Among the cast, Manu Rishi Chadha did not live up to the expectations this time. He is slowly getting typecast in such characters. The expansion of his acting also seems to be weakening character by character. He should try to find new dimensions in his acting by giving himself some rest. In this sense, the surprise of the web series ‘Candy’ is Nakul Sahdev. It has been more than a decade since Nakul was seen on screen but people have started noticing him now. He has a natural talent for acting. The eyes of big directors are also on him and if given the right opportunity, he is now ready to do lead characters too.

Of the two others who have done a better job in the web series ‘Candy’, Shilpi Agarwal gets full numbers for decorating the costume as close to reality as the storyline and Neil Adhikari has composed the music for a suspense thriller. Made by law. Neil has helped the director a lot in bringing the audience closer to the story scene wise. People’s attention towards his work started with the web series ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’ and since then he has been continuously carving himself. The editing of Bodhaditya Banerjee has also kept the series tight. After the film ‘Pink’, he too has been continuously influencing the industry with his work. This series is perfect to cut the journey from home to office and office to home in the morning and evening rush.

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