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 = Apr 07, 2017 / version 3.0.2 =
* Added compatibility for WooCommerce 3.0+
* Added single product gallery slider, swipe and zoom features
 = Mar 17, 2017 / version 3.0.1 =
* Fixed compatibility for older versions of php (below 5.4)
* Added Facebook OG tags for new social buttons feature
 = Mar 13, 2017 / version 3.0, the 2017 edition =

* Added support for King Composer Page builder
	- All post shortcodes converted into King Composer addon
	- Easily insert any shortcode with visual interface
	- Added premium "Recipe Generator" addon worth $16
	- Nutrition facts calculator with schema microdata on recipe posts
	- Added 20 new Home page layouts
	- Added two unique demos (Travel and Food)
	- Prebuilt Home page templates included with King Composer
* Improved and re-styled Theme Options panel
	- Native interface styling
	- Add nonce verification security in theme options
	- Added 9 new color schemes
	- Added option for choosing default color scheme and disabling customizer styles
	- Added two sidebars layout along with sidebar swapping
	- Added option for choosing sidebar + content ratio . E.g. 70% - 30%
	- Added schema microdata for entire site and all post shortcodes
	- Input type="number" for numeric input fields in theme options
	- Added slim menu option
	- Improved sticky navbars
	- Improved mobile menu
	- Custom logo uploader
	- Added material card style grid archives option
	- Added list style split ratio for thumbnail + content
	- Added option for choosing number of grid columns (2,3,4)
	- Added Full width option for archives
	- Added Masonry layout for grid archives
	- Added short titles support for archives (use np_short_title custom field)
	- Added custom links support for archive titles (use np_custom_link custom field). This option is good for creating affiliate links
	- Added completely new post meta with category links, review stars and post views support
	- Added option to show author avatar and readmore link in post meta
	- Improved post meta same as archives
	- Improved related posts with option to choose number of grid columns
	- Added material card style layout for related posts
	- Added social sharing buttons (including print and whatsapp button)
	- Added Sticky social sharing buttons on mobile
	- Added option for hiding post navigation on single posts
	- Added number of columns option for footer widgets (1 to 6)
	- Added "Additional CSS" option in custo fonts section
	- Added BFI Thumb for image resizing
	- Added image quality option (now you can serve low size images easily)
	- Added option for placing HTML menu in place of WP menu
	- This reduces load time by around 0.2 sec
	- Added option for importing or exporting all theme settings via text file
* Improved existing shortcodes with addition of new elements
	- Added masonry option in post grid shortcodes
	- Added dynamic heading tag option in post shortcodes
	- Added dynamic heading size and post excerpt size option
	- Added Owl Slider, replacing the Flexslider
	- Added image quality option in post shortcodes
	- Added auto video thumbnails (in video post format)
	- Added Auto video thumbnail support in all archives and shortcodes
	- Added new gallery style in "insert_posts" shortcode
	- Added List split ratio option for list style shortcode
	- Added Custom readmore link text in shortcodes
	- Added overlay style posts slider
	- Improved query parameters in post shortcodes
	- Moved post slider inline scripts into separate JS file (preferred for AMP project validation)
	- Moved shortcode output in separate files to be overridden as templates
	- Simply copy shortcode template file in child theme and override
	- Added new slider type as card, grid and overlay
	- Added 4 new styles for newsplus_grid_list shortcode (Check out in King Composer addon)

* Added built in style support for WP Review and Post Views Counter plugin
* Added lightbox support in minifolio widget
* Added sidebar layout option per post
* Added sidebar swapping for pages and archives
* Added accordion like collapsible lists in widgets
* Added 15 new icons in social links widget
* Added CSS for inline lists (use .link-list and .link-list .horiz classes)
* Added +more option for category meta when category list is long
* Added "Human Time Difference" style post meta
* Added searchbox option in main navigation bar
* Updated TGM Plugin activation class to v2.6.1
* Improved breadcrumbs with schema microdata
* Improved button and form styling
* Improved WooCommerce shop styles
* Improved RTL styles
* Fixed news ticker styling for Safari and iOS browser
* Replaced wp_page_navi() with native the_posts_pagination()
* Optimized entire code, loops and functions for considerable performance improvement
* Improved page load times. Around 96% score in pagespeed test with W3 Total Cache enabled
* Improved SEO with semantic markup and schema microdata
* Removed and deprecated features
	- Removed hover intent JS (saved some bytes)
	- Removed Aqua Resizer and replaced with BFI Thumb
	- Removed flexslider (replaced with Owl Slider)
	- Supported old layouts with SiteOrigin page builder but new layouts now added via King Composer
	- Deprecated shortcode buttons in Visual editor. (Will be removed later because shortcodes are now shipped as King Composer addon)
= Sep 27, 2016 / version 2.4.6 =
* Fixed: Custom excerpt (via Excerpt panel) now shows properly in post shortcodes and archives
* Added: Option in post and slider shortcodes for including or excluding posts
* Refactor: Post shortcodes can now use original resolution featured image if image width and height are not specified in shortcode
= Jun 20, 2016 / version 2.4.5 =
* Added styles for WooCommerce my account tabs and average rating widget
= Jun 18, 2016 / version 2.4.4 =
* Added compatibility for WooCommerce 2.6+
* Updated fontawesome icon library to 4.6.3
= May 04, 2016 / version 2.4.3 =
* Global font rolled back to Open Sans. (Rough rendering of Roboto font in FF and Safari)
* Global Layout width set to 1160px. (Custom width can be set in theme options if required)
* Improved form field styles with better visibility (Plain material design fields were not visible enough)
* Assigned light background to secondary widget area
* Fixed alignment of social share buttons in single post
= Apr 15, 2016 / version 2.4.2 =
* Fixed get_currentuserinfo() deprecated function for WordPress 4.5
= Apr 10, 2016 / version 2.4.1 =
* Added theme option for changing News Ticker label
* Added layout screenshots for Page Builder layouts panel
* Added complete shortcode reference in documentation
* Updated all pre built layouts with optimized image settings (added image width/height in shortcodes) for faster performance
= Apr 08, 2016 / version 2.4.0 =
* Added 3 new Home page layouts (See Home 09, 10 and 11)
* Added new grid style posts shortcode (See new layouts for reference)
* Added jQuery news ticker (See Theme Options > Header)
* Added theme option for center aligning main menu (Theme Options > Header )
* Global font changed to Roboto
* Minor accessibility improvements in typography

Full changelog can be found inside main download’s changelog folder.


jQuery Library
jQuery Flex Slider
jQuery Validate
jQuery HoverIntent
Font Awesome
jQuery Marquee

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