September 5: Essay on Teacher’s Day 2021 in English

Here is the essay on Teachers’ day 2021 i.e. 5 September 2021. The Teachers Day Essay is an important topic that all students should understand because it celebrates the importance of teachers. The teacher is a friend and philosopher who guides us in understanding the world around us. From academic knowledge to ethical knowledge, a teacher is invaluable.

Introduction to Teachers Day Essay

Teacher’s Day is celebrated annually on 5 September. This day is dedicated to Gugu-Shishya. Guru-Shishya culture is an important and sacred part of Indian culture. No one can take the place of the parents in life, because they brought us to this beautiful colorful world. Our parents are said to be the first teachers of life. The culture of Gugu and teachers has been going on in India since ancient times, but only teachers teach us the real way of life. Encourage you to follow the right path.

When and why Teachers Day Celebrated

This is the birthday of former Indian President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 September across India to pay tribute to teachers. Teacher’s Day our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated all over India on his birthday for his love and passion for his teaching career. He had great faith in education. He was also known as a strategist, teacher, and President of India.

‘Heritage’ is very important in everyone’s life. And they have a special place in society. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a firm believer in education. He was a great philosopher and teacher. He had a deep love for teaching. He had all the qualities of a good teacher. On this day, the awards are also presented to the best teachers by the Government of India across the country.

Celebration Activity on Teachers Day

On this day there are activities to celebrate, thank and remember schools. Both children and teachers participate in cultural activities. Various programs are organized on Teacher’s Day at various institutions including schools and colleges. While students respect their gurus in a variety of ways, teachers make a vow to preserve the culture of senior students. Schools are always closed. There is a happy atmosphere throughout the day at school and in college. The rotation of colorful and dignified programs continues throughout the day. This day is celebrated in memory of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birthday.

Student-Teacher Relation on Teachers Day

Gugu-student culture is an important and sacred part of Indian culture, with many examples of gold engraved in history. A teacher is like a garden adorning a garden with flowers of different colors. Encouraging students to walk away smiling even in cars. Today all government efforts are being made to bring education to every home. Teachers also deserve the respect they deserve. Only Gugu creates a good character for the student.

Ending of Teachers Day Essay/Speech

Today all teachers have started bidding about their knowledge. In the current context, Gugu-Shishya’s culture will deteriorate elsewhere. Every day we hear about teacher misconduct by teachers and students. To see this, a question mark emerges with this precious tradition of the teacher-students of our culture.

It is the responsibility of both students and teachers to better understand this great culture and to provide their support in building a better society. Parents, all family members, friends, acquaintances, and teachers can make the future of our country flourish with good values. And students should also play a vital role in building a better world by incorporating good qualities into their lives.

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