Gandii baat season 2 cast (Alt Balaji) 18+ Watch Online

Gandii baat season 2 cast– Here you can see the complete Gandii baat season 2 cast and how to watch Gandii baat season 2.

Gandii Baat Season 2 Cast

Ekta Kapoor’s popular web series ‘Gandii Baat’ has become very popular among fans. 4 seasons of this series have come so far, which people have liked very much. Now season 5 of ‘Gandii baat’ is ready for release.

Recently it was shared on Alt Balaji’s Instagram which is full of intimate scenes and bold scenes. The discussion of the cast of this season is in full swing.

Gandii baat season 2 cast

Gandii baat season 2 episode 1 cast

Anveshi Jain as Neeta
Flora Saini as Sajeeli
Aman Maheshwari as Vaibhav
Rahul Jaittly as Sagar

Gandii baat season 2 episode 2 cast

Sonam Arora as Roop
Maarisha K as Laachi
Vinod Thirani as Laal Chand
Coral Bhamra as Sapna
Sikandar Chohan as Sarpanch

Gandii baat season 2 episode 3 cast

Pradeep Duhan as Bhushan
Leena Acharya as Mohini
Agni Pawar as Maahi
Nazneen Patni as Seema
Manish Nawani as Mahesh

Gandii baat season 2 episode 4 cast

Abhishek Gupta as Dugga
Fahman Khan as Soma
Tripti Agarwal as Ojha Maai
Navneet Kaur as Sachi
Ruby Bharaj as Heera
Anil Bhagwat as Sukhiya
Shiv Kumar Sharma as Yatin

Gandii baat season 2 episode 5 cast

Vikas Verma as Kishan Singh Sandhu
Alpa Joshi as sukhi
Pari Goswami as Baani
Raakeshh Dubey as Avtaar
Naina Chhabra as Raashi
Sakshi sharma as Suneeta
Jayshree Bhalse as Pammi
Charu Srivastava as Champa
Virendra Singh as Randheer

This is the complete gandii baat season 2 cast. This cast not so much popular but played there character very well. Gandii Baat Web Series Season 2 All Episodes –

Here is complete list of Gandii Baat Web Series Season 2 All Episodes.

Episode 1: Bi-S**ual
Episode 2: Jadui Mahal
Episode 3: Gibraltar
Episode 4: Love s33 and betrayal
Episode 5: Gudiya Rani

This series of Ekta Kapoor has been in the headlines since the first season. There was a lot of controversy over a scene of the previous season ‘Gandi Baat 2‘ All the previous seasons got a lot of love from the audience. In such a situation, people are eagerly waiting for ‘ Gandii baat 5’.

The first season of Gandii Baat was released in the year 2018, the second and third season aired in 2019. The fourth season was released in January 2020 this year. Females are presented like as an object in Gandii Baat season 2

The latest season of ALT Balaji‘s controversial and ‘bold’ web series ‘Gandi Baat’ has gone back years in terms of women and sexuality. The second season of ‘Gandi Baat’ has four stories of 50 minutes each. Through these stories, an attempt has been made to show us the taboos which women face in the villages. Looking at the popularity of the first season of this sexual web series, I thought of watching the second season. Although the first season was not special.

My expectations from this Gandii baat season 2 cast were zero and think,it turned out to be worthless even by my expectations. The new thing that has been seen in the second season of ‘Gandi Baat’, is that in its first two episodes, homosexuality has been shown. In these episodes named ‘Bio Se*ual’ and ‘Judai Mahal’, a romance between two women is shown. But instead of showing a progressive storyline, homosexuality seems to be a force forcing in the story. From the first minute in the series, women were shown towards the object. Be it dialogue, camera shots or its story, sexism is everywhere in the series. The most problematic thing in the season is that the focus of the camera is only on the body of women. Whether it is a sexual scene or a common one, it appears that the whole story has been woven around it.

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