Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations to begin today, amidst covid restrictions

Ganesh Chaturthi, a ten-day festival expected to begin from today with a little extravagance and power across the country between the covid-19 limits and the treaties

Due to the ongoing epidemic, major Ganesh Chaturthi festivals have been suspended across the country.

Restrictions nationwide:


Section 144 is enacted in Mumbai from today until 19 September to prevent public celebrations due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

“No Ganpati procession will be allowed and more than five people will not be able to gather in the area,” the Mumbai Commissioner’s office said. The devotees in the city will have to take the darshan of Lord Ganesha online and they will not be able to visit the mandaps throughout the city.

“An important event for us. We were not able to celebrate last year, so this time we are very happy. We are taking all precautionary measures,” said a Mumbai resident, quoted by news agency ANI.


Pune also, this year all Ganesh orders will sink their ranks, Ravindra Shisve, Joint Commissioner of Pune City, said on Thursday. He said people could use ‘mobile visarjan’ (immersion) vans to immerse the images.

Andhra Pradesh:

The government has decided not to allow Ganesh mounds and the immersion operation this year because of COVID-19.


Meanwhile, the Telangana High Court has ordered the government not to allow images of Lord Ganesh, made of Paris plaster, to be immersed in Lake Hussainsagar in Hyderabad. The court also asked the state government to build special rubber dams for the immersion of natural deities.

Following the arrival of the order, markets in Hyderabad have seen an increasing demand for friendly Ganesh images.


The Karnataka government last week also issued Ganesh Chaturthi guidelines that allow festivals to take place only in regions where the Covid positivity ratio is less than 2 percent.

It also said, “Only environmentally friendly Ganapati photographs are allowed. No more than four meters of Ganesha should not be installed anywhere in the province.

On Thursday, Ganesh Utsav Seva Samiti and other organizations staged a protest earlier in the day at BBMP headquarters demanding the cancellation of the ban on mass gathering at the festival.

“The Karnataka government is allowing more festivals and conventions but they are setting guidelines for us. We call on the BBMP and the national government to withdraw the guidelines,” Shashikanth Sharma said, protesting to ANI.

However, the people of Bengaluru have accepted government directives and said that the decision is in favor of the environment.

“PoP idols are not good for the environment. Also, the COVID-29 epidemic is not over, and going to social gatherings and immersion is dangerous for us. We will buy a small friendly photo and immerse it.

In Odisha, Puri artist Saswat Sahoo made an idol of Ganesha using matchsticks.

“It took me 8 days to fix this 23-inch and 22-inch-tall idol using 5621 matchsticks. I will follow the principles of COVID and pray in my home,” he said.

Ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi, crowded markets in Delhi will buy images of Ganesh on Thursday. “We are going to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at our home. I am very happy about it. I have been celebrating it for seven years,” said a Delhi resident.

Uttar Pradesh:

The Uttar Pradesh government has also advised residents to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi only at home, and not to post pictures in public places. “All COVID-19 agreements must be adhered to during the celebrations,” the government said.

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