Google is making it easier for your office colleagues to know whether you are at office or working from another location

With most companies adopting a hybrid work plan which includes attending office for limited days in a week, it becomes difficult to plan in-person meetings as your colleagues may not be aware as to whether or not you will be present at office on a particular day. To help plan meetings better, Google has added a new feature in Google Calendar which will automatically let your colleagues know your location on a particular date.
This feature will roll out from August 30 and you will be able to mark your work location on your Google Calendar itself. You can add a weekly working location routine and update your location as plans change. As of now, there are four options– “Office,” “Home,” “Unspecified,” or “Somewhere else”– to mark your calendar.
“By showing others which days of the week you plan to be in the office, working from home, or working from another location, it’s easier to plan in-person collaboration or set expectations in a hybrid workplace,” said Google in its official blog post.
This feature will be turned on by default and can be disabled at the domain or OU level by Google Workspace admin. “ If you’d like to disable this feature setting and prevent the onboarding promo from being shown automatically for your users, be sure to disable the setting in the Admin console before August 30, 2021,” it added.
For users, this will be turned off by default, unless it is disabled by your admin. “You’ll be shown an onboarding dialog with the option to enable the feature starting on August 30, 2021. The feature can be enabled with the initial onboarding dialog or in your Calendar settings,” said Google.

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