Google may have plans to get Android apps to MacBooks

Earlier this year when Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it got support for running Android apps and games for the first time. However, on Windows 11, Android apps can be downloaded through Amazon App Store and not Google Play Store. Google though seems to have a larger plan that includes getting Android games and apps on Mac, according to a report by The Verge. The report cites a confidential document titled “Games Futures” revealed Google’s plan to become the world’s largest gaming platform. Hence, the plan to reach out to Apple’s laptops and devices.
What does the document say?
The document gives a roadmap of how and what Google wants to do in gaming in the next five years. The document was made in October 2020 and talks about looking beyond mobile and grab a bigger pie of the thriving gaming industry. It also includes how Google wants to attempt to make its Play Games platform “an indie game destination.” The idea is to bring the best of mobile Android games to PC. Not just that but to require developers to support controllers and multiple platforms.

All about gaming

There’s a legal tussle going between Apple and Epic Games, creator of Fortnite. The document which reveals Google’s plans is part of the case and was recently submitted to the court. Google, as per the document, has plans to become the “world’s largest gaming platform”. Ironically, Apple’s MacBooks aren’t really known for their gaming prowess. According to the document, Google first wants to bring emulated, native and streaming games to Windows first. And then move on to Mac as well for a wider reach.
The document is heavily redacted as it is part of the legal proceedings but does give an idea of Google’s intentions. Google has not officially said anything about the idea of getting Android apps on Mac but the document does hint at the possibility of it happening.

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