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Heavy rain causes waterlogging, traffic woes in Delhi-NCR | See Pics

Heavy Rain Causes Waterlogging, Traffic Woes in Delhi-NCR | See Pics

Date: July 9, 2024

Heavy rainfall in the Delhi-NCR region has led to severe waterlogging and significant traffic disruptions across various parts of the city. The downpour, which started in the early hours, has continued relentlessly, causing flooding in low-lying areas and major roads, thus bringing vehicular movement to a standstill.

Impact on Daily Life

  1. Waterlogging: Many areas, including major intersections and residential neighborhoods, are submerged under several inches of water. Streets in regions like South Delhi, Connaught Place, and parts of Noida and Gurgaon are severely affected.

  2. Traffic Woes: The heavy rain has caused massive traffic jams, with vehicles moving at a snail’s pace. Major roads like the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, Ring Road, and Noida Expressway are experiencing significant delays. Commuters are advised to avoid non-essential travel and use public transportation where possible.

  3. Public Transportation: Delhi Metro services are operational but experiencing delays due to waterlogging near some metro stations. Bus services are also disrupted, with many routes being diverted or delayed.

Government and Civic Response

Municipal authorities are working to address the waterlogging by deploying pumps and clearing clogged drains. Traffic police are on the ground to manage and direct traffic, but the scale of the problem has overwhelmed resources.

Public Advisory

Residents are advised to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. Those who must travel are encouraged to use public transport and avoid waterlogged areas. It’s also recommended to keep updated with the latest weather advisories and traffic alerts.

Visual Impact

See Pics:

  • Waterlogged streets in Connaught Place, with cars half-submerged.
  • Pedestrians wading through knee-deep water near India Gate.
  • Traffic congestion on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, with long queues of vehicles.

For more detailed updates and images, please refer to the live coverage on [local news websites].

Eyewitness Accounts

Rohit Sharma, a resident of South Delhi: “The water level rose so quickly. Within a few hours, our street was completely submerged. It’s been very challenging to move around, and we are worried about more rain in the coming days.”

Aarti Gupta, a commuter: “It took me three hours to travel a distance that usually takes 30 minutes. The roads are completely waterlogged, and there is no traffic management in sight.”

Municipal Worker: “We are doing our best to clear the water and ensure that the drainage systems are not clogged. However, the heavy rain has made it a tough task.”

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