Hera Pheri 3 Download Full HD | Google Drive and Torrent download

 Here Pheri 3 is one of the latest Bollywood movie directed by Indra Kumar. This movie will feature Suniel Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal. This movie will also be going to hit. After the successful going on of two movies i.e. Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri. Both movies are best in their own place. These movies are full of comedy and laughter. 

Hera Pheri 3 Announcement

On 28 February 2019, the Indra Kumar director gave a review by Hera Pheri 3. He revealed that the film will be top VFX with his words “I’m glad this favourite trio is coming back together. We’re starting the film towards the end of this year. It’s currently being written. past because I was busy with Total Dhamaal.

Hera Pheri 3 Download Full HD | Google Drive and Torrent download
Hera Pheri 3 Download Full HD | Google Drive and Torrent download

In April, it was reported that Indra Kumar left the job and now Priyadarshan (director of the first movie) is back and will direct the movie with three leading directors [Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal] and there will be regular releases in 2021.

Hera Pheri 3 Star Cast 

All the star cast in Hera Pheri 3 is listed here with their character name in the movie.

Character Real Name
Rajveer “Raju” Shrivastav Akshay Kumar
Ghanshyam “Shyam” Bhatia Suniel Shetty
Baburao Ganpatrao Apte Paresh Rawal
Devi Prasad Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Khadak Singh Om Puri
Police Commissioner Prakash Mukesh Khanna
Chhota Chetan Razak Khan
Kabira Gulshan Grover
Pappu Rajpal Yadav
Munna Bhai Jhony Lever
Kachra Seth Manoj Joshi

Suniel Shetty Announcement On Hera Pheri 3

Actor Suniel Shetty said Hera Pheri’s band is aware of the audience’s interest in the third instalment, but some ‘difference’ needs to be addressed first. Talking about Hera Pheri’s sequence has been going on for several years.
Hera Pheri 3 Download Full HD | Google Drive and Torrent download
Hera Pheri 3 Download Full HD | Google Drive and Torrent download

He told the Mumbai Mirror in an interview, “Everything is suspended for now. The film team aims to make Hera Pheri 3, but some differences need to be made. This film is very popular on television and in the meme world and we can all expect what is available to viewers about this film. ”

The first film, directed by Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar, Tabu and Paresh Rawal, became a musical hit in 2000. The second part, Phir Hera Pheri, was released in 2006 and was directed by Neeraj Vora. In Hera Pheri, Suniel and Akshay played Shyam and Raju, tenants in Mumbai’s Babu Bhaiyya home, played by Paresh. The three formed a plan to make quick money on child abduction but things did not always work out for them.

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In the 20 years of the first film recently, Suniel recalled in an interview with IMDb that there were a number of factors involved in making the film what it was. “I don’t know how this film was made, it just happened,” he said. “We came in sets every morning, the costume was already stretched out and given to us, not ironing and ironing. The director asked us to spend the afternoon in the paper, so we slept in the newspapers. He (Priyadarshan) said I do not want you to be free. When you wake up, you should have rested, but you are still uncomfortable. So, we weren’t wearing makeup, nothing. Akshay Kumar, Paresh ji and I have always been together, we always shape our lines, we are constantly improving and Priyan sir is one man who knows when to cut. ”


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