Janmashtami vrat niyam: The rules of Janmashtami fasting are applicable from the Saptami date

Shri Krishna Janmotsav namely Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 30th. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India including Mathura, Vrindavan. Volunteers and volunteers began preparing for the event well in advance. There is a special significance to fasting on this day, which is considered the most beautiful.

By looking at this speed in accordance with the rules set out in the scriptures, all desires are fulfilled and special results are obtained. During this fast, devotees should eat sattvic food a day in advance. Drinking water after sunset is considered a problem. In this article, we know the rules of fasting in Janmashtami and why it is not allowed to drink water after sunset.

The rules come into effect from the day of Saptami

Even in Janmashtami soon, the rules of fasting begin with Saptami Tithi. Because the rules of fasting apply even on the tenth day before Ekadashi. From the day of Saptami, you should abstain from tamasic foods such as garlic onions, raw vegetables, brinjal radish etc. and follow singleness by eating sattvik foods.

Make a promise

On Janmashtami’s day, get up early and retire after bathing and wearing clean clothes. After this, after greeting the Sun, Soma, Yama, Kaal, Sandhi, Bhoot, Pawan, Bhoomi, Akash, Khecher, and Brahmadi, they look east or north and take water, fruit, Kush and fragrance and make a vow of fasting and singing. the mantras are given below. Chant.

Prove the best
shri krishna janmashtami vramham karishye.

Eat juicy fruit during fasting

On this day you can keep fasting or fasting. Be sattvik during fasting and wash once before making puja in the evening. From the fruit you can eat watermelon, melon, cucumber, barley etc.

How to worship Shri Krishna during birthday celebrations

At the Janmashtami ceremony, decorate the worship plate the night before the Lord’s birthday. Start the service process. After birth, first wash the image of Lord Krishna with milk, curd, sugar and use ghee.

After washing the Panchamrit, wash Kanha with water. After this is given pitambar, flowers and prasad. Perform aarti after worshiping King Krishna. Then offer the Bho to the Lord and after that you can spread Prasad to the whole family and the eclipse itself.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Puja Samagri List

  1. swing for Bal Gopal
  2. iron or copper statue of Bal Gopal
  3. flute
  4. Balagopal’s clothes
  5. makeup jewelry
  6. Flowers to decorate Balagopal’s swing
  7. basil leaves
  8. Sandalwood
  9. kumkum
  10. intact
  11. sugar candy
  12. Betel
  13. betel leaves
  14. wreath
  15. kamalgatte
  16. Tulsi mala
  17. coriander stands
  18. red cloth
  19. banana leaves
  20. honey
  21. sugar,
  22. pure ghee
  23. Curd
  24. butter
  25. Ganges water
  26. incense stick
  27. Kapoor
  28. Saffron
  29. Vermilion

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