Kota Factory Season 2 Review 2021 | Kota Factory Season 2

Review of Kota Factory season 2: Lack of necessary understanding of the tragic realities of professional and nostalgic professional institutions in the face of the toxic subculture, the popular TVF series is also a problem.

Kota Factory Season 2

  • Director – Raghav Subbu
  • Actors – Mayur More, Jitendra Kumar, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa

Kota Factory Season 2 Review

You always wonder what promising emerging filmmakers will be able to do with big budgets. But with the exception of tough contracts and perhaps a more controlled set, the move to Netflix seems to have done little for the guys under Quota Factory. After an exciting first season that was nowhere near as YouTube viewing might show, the show, now stamped with Netflix ‘tudum’, is back with a bunch of five episodes actually lower than the original.

There was a slapdash indie atmosphere in the first season. He did his best with the little he had, and told a story about IIT aspirations in the city of Kota, Rajasthan – an incubator of sorts that attracts young people from all over the country with its ‘mahaul’, and also has training billions of training centers.

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Presented by the view of a mollycoddled young man named Vaibhav, Kota Factory looks surprisingly honest (and careless) in a community of students who sacrificed their childhood and devoted much of their lives to ‘cracks’ in one of India’s biggest competitive trials. Getting a seat in the Prime Minister’s Office can make them one percent of a country where the respect earned is directly proportional to their qualifications.

What’s strange about the show is the people who aspire to be the world leaders of the future, the quarter Factory is not interested. I was particularly impressed by the authors’ decision not to donate one or two episodes of the second season of body fluids. While Vaibhav is suffering from mid-year jaundice, his friend Meena finds himself having fun. And while one story is played with laughter – there are no prizes to guess which one – the other gives Kota Factory the opportunity to embrace schmaltz as never before.

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But for some reason – perhaps because its title incorporates the word ‘factory’ – I was expecting the show to be very serious, or at least a little self-conscious about the humor of the whole situation. This is a world unknown to me, and, I think, to many of the people of this country. I have had an easier time getting used to the beautiful world of Pandora than the environment like the religion that Kota Factory offers a glimpse into. Every time someone talked about ‘inorganic’ or ‘DPP’, my heart sank.

The show has undeniable authenticity, but it doesn’t really investigate the real impact of the culture that is (problematic) you like.

Kota Factory does not need an excuse to play the same background song every time Vaibhav and the gang meet other shenanigans. It makes sense to take the path of ‘the best days of our lives’ in the case of college, but the worst foundation for what happens in cities like Quarter is actually ignored. And when the show finally decides to accept the sad reality of ‘taiyyari’ at this level, it is too late, and it turns out to be disrespectful, precisely because the show has been deliberately unaware of this all this time.

It also doesn’t help that Vaibhav isn’t the most popular protagonist – just look at how he uses his mother, and abuses his new friend Sushrut – but I suspect the show doesn’t see this. He makes distorted views that express his inner sexuality (and colorism) and the show pauses to refute these statements, which suggest that, again, he believes in them. Although it has a variety of female characters in the mix for the second season, the show has an obvious lack of visibility for women.

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And then there is Jeetu Bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar), the show that she uses as a free Get Out of Jail card whenever she writes in the narrative corner. Jeetu Bhaiya covers the annoying clash that seems to have Kota Factory in a constant fighting game. There is no problem that Jeetu Bhaiya can solve by presenting a sermon of some kind that often contradicts what he has previously said.

He is like a pastor who tells his church that they no longer need to go to Mass again, which makes him cool down quickly, but then by moving his finger he instructs everyone that they need to pray a million times a day at home. Always carrying a repository of empowerment speeches that he uses to position his students, Jeetu Bhaiya is not like the leader of a particular doomsday religion. But they fail to communicate with children that there is more life than IIT and tests.

It is not necessary, of course. However, how will Kota Factory appeal to the majority of viewers who have never dreamed of joining IIT or paying more attention to those who do? After a while – and this was just before the end of the well-executed season – I began to look forward to ads created by Unacademy shoes and drone shots that have been widely used since the first season.

Kota Factory looks to be building on the entrance tests that will have to be taken by Vaibhav, Meena and the rest of the growing gang. But if they had been more courageous, they would have focused more on hard work and comfort; doubt and disappointment. Maybe then they would have realized that throwing Jeetu Bhaiya into all trouble is not a good solution.

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