Kylie Jenner announces second pregnancy with adorable Instagram video

Unlike her previous pregnancy, which was her first, Kylie Jenner is not afraid to share a second with the world. The makeup artist shared a lovely video of finding out she was pregnant, and shared the joy with her family.

The video, with great pleasure, caught up with Travis Scott, his partner, his daughter Stormi Webster, and mother Chris Jenner. Look.

The video begins with Kylie, 24, taking a pregnancy test on Travis – claiming to be “pregnant”. Next, we see a 30-year-old doctor holding her abdomen, and the couple – along with their daughter – go to the doctor, who confirms the pregnancy after the ultrasound.

The video montage then moves on to the exact moment when Kris finds out that her daughter is expecting her second child, and that she will be a grandmother again. Looking at the ultrasound pictures, she says, “This is one of the happiest days of my life”.

Kylie shows her baby a bump on the camera. The video continues to show a happy family dinner, probably at the time of Kylie’s birth, which was a month ago. Lots of ultrasound, heartbeat and a seemingly happy Stormi that participates in it all.

In one shot, Kylie wraps her baby’s nipples around her, looking stunned in a black group, and in another, Stormi puts a long and sweet kiss on her mother’s belly, on her baby, and calls her “baby”.

This video reminds us of who broke the internet after Stormi’s birth. While Kylie Jenner’s first pregnancy was kept secret, she had released a YouTube video shortly after the birth, explaining the process of her pregnancy, finding out what she was expecting, from her friends and family who responded.

She had received Stormi on February 1, 2018, and Travis is believed to have been in the delivery room.

At the time, the new mother had taken to Instagram to apologize to her fans for “keeping them in the dark”, saying “she needed to prepare herself for this role of living a healthy, stress-free, and healthy way”.

We can’t wait to see Kylie grab her baby again!

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