Microsoft quietly revealed the deeper secrets of Windows 11

You have researched whether your computer will be compatible. If not (officially), you will try to find a clever way to get around it, courtesy of the dangerous presenter on YouTube.

When Windows 11 is freely available, you’ll be among the first to get it in real time.

But do you really know everything you need to do with the new Microsoft software? Really?

Please come with me, as I pass some of Redmond’s most powerful revelations, which can change the way you look at your world.

In a video released last month, Microsoft is trying to offer a creative, software-based philosophy that you will look at every day of your life.

In the first few minutes, I learned that the new Windows logo would be “one of the most visible in the world.” It’s up there, perhaps, with McDonald’s arches and the unforgettable stance of Jeff Bezos rocket.

I also learned that Windows needs a “new life.” Somehow, old Windows looked like it was close to the door of death.

A man described in the video as “Vincent, Brand Manager” – who is strikingly similar to Vincent Joris, strategic director at advertising company Wunderman Thompson, Antwerp – described his team’s hard work this way: ” ‘and’ yes, that’s Windows’. “

Work? No, not to create better software, but to give a different look to Windows 11.

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The resulting wallpaper was very good. Flowering is good, as Britain can say.

Please, however, include a detailed description of it all, as explained by Microsoft Artistic Director Christina Koehn: “I like the last blossom we went with because you can remove it and respond to it, and for me that stands for different people using Windows.”

Creators say so. They really do. And when they do, you learn new things.

Here’s another Christina: “The logo change should also reflect the change in the product.”

Does that mean it should show that most computers will not be able to use it? Please, do not despair. This is about a logo, a signature, something that tells people who you are now.

Windows is changing. For example, this eleventh edition now enjoys a lot of Xbox technology and teams, too.

Vincent described how the team reflected the change: “We looked at the Microsoft brand and made it blue.”

So when I learned that being blue would actually mean that you would live, rather, by approaching death.

“Stop,” I hear you growl angrily. “Microsoft’s logo was attractive and bright before and now it’s gone with monochrome? How does that make the product feel so much happier? Blue means uncomfortable.”

Vincent answers, blue “the color most people associate with Windows.”

Christina adds: “We have four squares. They represent Microsoft. They represent Windows. They represent Surface.” What do you mean “what is the fourth square?”

And, of course, the broader idea: “We move from the product house to the brand house.”

Now you know. This is how you should think whenever you install Windows 11. You enter a house with a glittering sign.

For Vincent, this is a “small change in position, but a big change in meaning.”

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