Mind your own business and keep mouth shut

Realme to Xiaomi Mind your own business and keep mouth shut

The Xiaomi vs Realme war on Twitter has once again erupted, and seems to have gone full blown. In a tweet yesterday (August 18), Xiaomi’s Redmi business director Sneha Tainwala had hit out at arch rival Realme for copying Xiaomi’s Mi Fan Festival.

In a tweet tagged to Realme India and Europe CEO Madhav Sheth, Tainwala wrote, “Mi Fan Festival” >> “#CopyCat Fan Festival” It has now stopped being funny. Kitna copy karoge @MadhavSheth1 sir?” The tweet went on to add, “Waise event page mock up bhijwaon – will save your team some time,” with a ‘Rolling on the floor laughing’ emoji at the end.

The chief marketing officer (CMO) of Realme India and Europe Francis Wong has now responded to Tainwala on Twitter. “Sigh. Can’t believe this is coming out from a director of a proper brand. It’s time for everyone to focus on their own business. keep our mouth shut and let products speak,” says the tweet. The Tweet ends with a postscript, “PS: Comments of that tweet made me understand how users gonna feel if your brand is talking like that.”

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Tainwala so far has not responded to Wong’s tweet.

This is not the first time that the top executives of Realme and Xiaomi have made fun of each other’s brands on social media platforms. In the past too, both the companies have accused each other of copying ideas or offering fancy features in products that offer little utility.

Earlier this year, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth made fun of Xiaomi when the launch of the company’s Redmi Note 10 on Amazon witnessed a glitch. “#realme is well-equipped to meet #realmeFans’ demands. High or low-priced, we have enough stock of all variants of the upcoming #realme8series. Pre-book in the current Infinity Sale & avail exciting offers! http://bit.ly/38EnjK6 We always come prepared,” he tweeted.

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Xiaomi’s global VP and MD Xiaomi India Manu Kumar Jain, too called Realme a copycat brand when the latter introduced ads in its UI in January 2020. “Funny! A copy-cat brand mocks us. Later this brand brings ads & some ppl start blaming us. Most brands push ads but only Xiaomi is bashed. Because we’ve been transparent about our business model. If any journalist wants to understand our internet business, I’m happy to talk!” tweeted Jain.

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