Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date And Details

There have been many rumors around the third season with some saying Robin’s true ownership will contribute to the power struggle in Mirzapur. Some still believe that Munna is alive and will return in some way. Some think Munna could be the real father of Beena’s baby but this is yet to come. In any case, there will be a major collapse when Kaleen Bhaiya’s enemies find out he is still very much alive, considering he has been betrayed by his wife Beena. Maqbool may also be criticized for helping Beena and some are wondering if he will return, while some viewers are curious as to whether Bauji is the father of his child.

Guddu will find himself accused after he became the new king of Mirzapur and some are determined to seize power from him while others believe he may die. The Tyagi is also likely to play a key role in the third season with some wondering if Golu could be killed and Chote survived the shooting. Fazal told Filmfare in a recent interview: “Now, we have a big challenge – over the last two seasons. I will be busy with other projects now, but we plan to shoot soon. “Sharad will be a great force to be reckoned with and can be a great power struggle as he seeks to fulfill his father’s legacy by taking Mirzapur. Actor Dugal also talks about whether his character can be killed in the third episode with some wondering if Beena and Munna are dating. Some are curious to know that Sharad will be the king of Mirzapur in the third series.

Fans also want to know what happened to Kaleen Bhaiya’s first wife. Some are eager to learn more about Isha Talwar and whether he will return as Madhuri Yadav.

Mirzapur Season 3 Star Cast

The main characters will return to the series with actors Victoria and Abdul Fazal documenting her role as Guddu after retaliating against Tripathi and becoming king of Mirzapur. She will be joined by Shweta Tripathi Sharma as Golu Tripathi as she also retaliates for her sister’s death. Veteran actor Pankaj Tripathi – a Sacred Games star and Wasseypur Gangs – will return as ousted governor Kaleen Bhaiya. Anjum Sharma as Sharad Shukla and Vijay Varma as Choti Tyagi.

There could be a new face added to this mix as the third season will see new players added to the game. Sadly, unless there is some kind of miracle, Divyenndu will not return as Mna Tripathi after being shot in the chest in the end. So is Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who left actors like Bauji Tripathi after the murder of his character. Some viewers still want to know why Vikrant Massey left as Bablu and others want to know why Shriya Pilgaonkar left as Sweety Gupta. Amit Sial was also assassinated as a proper police officer by Maurya, who met a man trapped at the end of the second. Some wonder what happened to Shabnam’s father Lala (Anil George), who worked with Guddu in the fight against Tripathi. Fans are curious as to why Nagendra Pratap Singh Verma left as a sex therapist in the game after being brutally murdered.

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