Remove label In Gmail | How to Remove label In Gmail ?

The label in Gmail is the tag that is added to the mails you receive. It helps you to organise the mails in your Gmail. These labels are just like the folders you see in your Gmail. 

These labels can be edited, removed or created. You can easily delete these labels. 

How to Remove label In Gmail

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Remove a Label in Gmail

For removing the label in Gmail you needed to follow these steps listed below-

1. To delete label in Gmail you should go to Gmail. 

Note: These can not be done in your Gmail app, to delete this you should go to a browser or web Gmail.

2. On the left side of your page, move your cursor over the labels name.

3. Click On the down arrow.

4. Click on manage Labels.

From here you can manage your labels. Now you can easily delete the label of your choice.

You can hide a label also from there.

You can easily do whatever you want in your labels sections.

Why Gmail Label are Important?

The labels in your Gmail helps you to decide which mail is important to you and which are useless.

Labels can easily categories your mails. You can easily find respective mail in their respective category.

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