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Samantar 2 Web Series Story Explained

Episode 1 – A Woman Enters My Life

After receiving Charrapani’s diary, a new chapter emerges in Kumar’s life. He now plans to take every step he can to make his life the way he wants it to be. However, will you succeed? Can he really deceive destiny?

Episode 2 – Introduction New Friendship

Kumar meets Meera and immediately feels connected to her. Although attracted to Meera, the words in Chakrapani’s diary are offensive to Kumar and prevent him from taking action. Does this mysterious woman Kumar need to avoid? Will Kumar be able to keep his destiny in the port?

Episode 3 – Nima Mind, Meera Dreams

Anytime and from anywhere Kumar visits Meera’s home. This visit leaves him with a big argument in his mind. While contemplating the consequences of her actions in her marriage and in Nima, the curiosity impels her to think differently. Meera now dwells on Kumar’s mind and thoughts. What will Kumar do now? Will you be overcome by the power of destiny?

Episode 4 – Elusional

Kumar captures the photos Meera sent him. The images start a commotion in Kumar’s head as he compares since Chakrapani met Sundara. Will Kumar go down the same road as Chakrapani or will he choose the harder route?

Episode 5 – Ratings Lost

Even after Chrapani’s warning in the diary, Kumar falls in love with Meera. This begins a new chapter of love in his life similar to that of Chakrapani. There are many similarities between the stories of Kumar and Chakrapani. How will Kumar’s life change as he develops feelings for Meera? Will it be a bad start to his story or a bad ending?

Episode 6 – Work, Wife, Friendship – Losing Everything

Kumar’s life takes a toll when Meera’s husband is killed. Police arrested Kumar and he lost his job, his wife, his friends, and everything he has now with Meera and a diary. What will Kumar do now? Are you willing to stay with Meera or a diary? How will all these sudden events affect Kumar’s life now?

Episode 7 – I Will Write My Conclusion

After all has gone wrong in his life, Kumar decides not to make his life the same as that of Chakrapani. Therefore, he challenges Chakrapani to decide his future and to write his own. Kumar decides not to look at Chakrapani’s diary. Before Kumar leaves, Chakrapani stops him and tears a page from his diary. He wraps it up and puts it in Kumar’s pocket saying that one day Kumar will need this page. What is written on that page? Will Kumar be able to rewrite his future?

Episode 8 – Nima – Dream or Fact?

After being arrested in connection with the murder of Meera’s husband, Kumar lost everything; his job, his friends, and his wife. Now that Kumar has lost nothing and that Nima will never return to him, Kumar decides to change his future and win. What will Kumar do to change his future? Will Kumar be able to choose another path or will Chakrapani still be in his life?

Episode 9 – I Will Win the War

The young woman hires Kumar’s van and they start a conversation during their trip. The unknown woman talks to Kumar about her husband. While Kumar listens intently, he cannot help but compare the events shared by the woman with the extraordinary events such as those mentioned in the diary. Kumar wonders if the woman is Chakrapani’s wife. After an unusual encounter with a woman, Kumar thinks this may be his only chance to prove that his life is different from that of Chakrapani.

Episode 10 – The Last Concurrent Journey

Despite all efforts, nothing has changed. You can try hard to change your future but you always have the same destiny that you are destined for. Now that Kumar’s efforts have been thwarted and he returns to the starting lineup, Kumar decides to face Chakrapani as he has no other option left. As the war between Kumar and Chakrapani begins, who will win? Will Kumar eventually defeat Chakrapani in his match or will he lose again?

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