Samir Soni on starring in Made in Heaven 2: OTT platforms are a boon for everyone | Web Series

 His fans were in for a surprise, when Samir Soni took to social media to confirm that he will be a part of the second season of the web series, Made in Heaven. The series gained immense popularity upon it’s release in 2019, and also fetched it’s lead actor Arjun Mathur an International Emmy nomination.

While he can’t talk much about his role, the 52-year-old says, “This one is obviously special. I cannot give too much information about it, but they had a lovely season one. I am a part of the second.”

Calling OTT platforms a ‘blessing’ for all creative people, he adds, “It is a boon for everyone involved- directors, writers, actors. There is so much to explore, which you cannot do with films. New platforms open up for everyone, and that is why there is good work too.”

Stressing more on how it is much more liberating on the web when compared to films, Soni continues, “The big thing here is that theatrical releases have some restrictions. On the web, you can watch it privately. You need stars in films, on the web, it is only the content that speaks. You don’t really have to have a big producer, director or star for the series to work. Content literally has become the king, because you don’t have to just cater to a small audience who would make it a hit.”

The ‘yeh nahi chalta, woh nahi chalta’ attitude according to the actor, has gone out of the window. Work begins on the season soon. Does Soni have any fears, venturing out amid the pandemic?

“I am not apprehensive, because there are strict guidelines. Everyone is quite careful in this pandemic. A lot of people have got vaccinated, and by now, there is a level of comfort. I have got my vaccination, so I am not that paranoid,” he says.

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