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The Shang Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings film features a knockout game as Wenwu is the best Marvel Cinematic Universe star from Black Panther Killmonger.

Shang Chi both the man and the film are arguing over the past.

Marvel Cinematic Universe 25th movie oh how time went by relying so much on the franchise is now an absurd formula but also ready to get a surprise when and when the situation requires

While Shang Chi the character thinks about the evil ways of his father’s director Destin Daniel Cretton actively entertaining the film trying to correct the mistakes made by his parent MCU.

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It’s a Marvel film of Gen Z’s crowd that is ashamed of the old methods used by the franchise in the past, but is also willing to get involved and eventually adopt alternative methods with a raised mind.

Shang Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings is the first MCU film with an Asian leader but it is and let’s not forget this Disney production film in Australia.

And I can’t let the slandering tone directed at Iron Man 3 remain as one of the last examples of Marvel’s most dangerous past and among my favorite studio things we’ve ever done.

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The action of Shang Chi is a combination of intense fighting and fluid Crouching Tiger inspired to fight all in honor of the late stunt coordinator Brad Allan to whom this movie is dedicated.

This is not at all uncommon for the MCU unfortunately unthinkable at all when it comes to CGI spectacle action and general fast cutting.

And who can ignore the news of how certain sequences in Marvel projects are displayed before computers and even before the text is written.

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Shang Chi is its strong emotional center of the movie that surprised me.

Its theme is a movie about family and inheritance and the relationship between a grieving father and his two children having a different reaction to the rejection they experience at his hands.

Wenwu is a secret weapon for movies and easily an opponent Marvel created from Black Panther’s Killmonger.

Eliminating the problem of the long-running coding franchise where the Marvel film compares the hero to a mere mortal Wenwu arc in a movie I would argue is more moving than Shang Chi.

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Shang Chi fled the United States and thought about who Shaun and his sister Xialing were and started a fight in Macau.

They reunited as adults when they discovered that their father was involved in a campaign to find and enter Ta Lo, the mythical land that their mother used to tell them stories.

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