Shri Krishna Janmashtami: Householders will celebrate Janmashtami on Monday and Vaishnavjan on Tuesday

Preparations are going on in full swing to celebrate the great festival of the child form of Shri Hari in the city of Har. In Sanatan Dharma, there is a value of celebrating Shri Krishna Janmashtami on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadra month. This time this date is being taken at 10:10 pm on 29th August, which will remain till 12:14 pm on 30th August. On the other hand, Rohini Nakshatra is starting from 6:42 am on 30th August, which will remain till 9:19 am on 31st August.

According to Jyotishacharya Pt. Rishi Dwivedi, this time, due to the combination of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Rohini Nakshatra, and Ashtami, a yoga named Jayanti is being formed. This type of yoga is rarely seen. Uday Vyapini Rohini Vaishnavjan will fulfill the rules of the festival on 31st August. By observing this fast, all the sins of a person are destroyed. By the grace of Lord Krishna, one gets a place in Vaikunth.

Sarvapahari is Jayanti Yoga: General Secretary of Kashi Vidya Parishad Prof. According to Ramnarayan Dwivedi, Lord Krishna is such a special deity who is the most prominent Poorna Avatar among the ten Avatars. Lord was born in the moon of Taurus at the end of Dwapar Yuga on Bhadrapad Krishna Ashtami Wednesday at midnight in Rohini Nakshatra. Most of the worshipers accept their desired yoga. There are two distinctions in the scriptures, it’s Shuddha and Vidya.

From Uday to Uday there is Shuddha and then from Saptami or Navami there is Vidya. In principle, Tatkavyapini (living in midnight) date is more valid. This fast becomes tithi and nakshatra based due to sectarian differences. When Ashtami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra are combined at midnight, then Janmashtami is celebrated in the all-paahari ‘Jayanti’ yoga. This time Janmashtami of householders will be celebrated on Monday and Janmashtami of Vaishnavites will be celebrated on Tuesday as Udayvyapini is Rohini. This fast should be observed by all male and female children, young and old. It removes sins and increases happiness.

All three congenital sins are destroyed: The Head of the Department of Astronomy at Banaras Hindu University Prof. According to Girija Shankar Shastri, on the day of the appearance of Lord Krishna, all the followers of San Dharma ended immediately. Because of differences in the religious laws of Smarta and Vaishnavas, the festival is celebrated for two days.

According to religious belief, in view of this fast, all three sins are destroyed. Describing the time of Lord Shri Krishna’s birth, Shukdev ji says the weather was very pleasant at the time. The indifference of the human heart had subsided. Nakshatra also belonged to Prajapati. The god of Rohini Nakshatra is Prajapati (Brahma). By that time all the planets, stars, and stars were in danger. All indications were happy. The sky was clear. The earth was warm.

Rivers have turned into pure water. Lotus flourished in the lakes. Vanshree was surprised. Bhadra pada month means social month. Everyone is praising Shukla Paksha. Krishna Paksha is ignored. God bless Krishna Paksha. Ashtami Day is the middle day. The first seven times seven in the chosen battles on Wednesday This is also midnight and midnight.

Here is how to worship

On the day of fasting, after retiring from daily activities, always look east or north by greeting the Sun, Soma, Yama, Kaal, Sandhi, Ghost, Pawan, Dikpati, Bhumi, Akash, Khechar, Amar and Brahma etc. Taking fruits, flowers , flowers and fragrance, make a solution with the mantra ‘Mamakhilpapaprasamana’ and the mantra ‘Sarvabhishtasiddhaye Sri Krishna Janmashtamivrataham Karishye’. During the day, after bathing in dark black water, prepare Devaki’s ‘Sutika Griha’.

If possible, arrange to sing and play. To make a nice and soft bed in the comfortable door of the maternity home, make an Akshatadi Mandal on a solid platform and create a nice urine in it. Insert a picture of gold, silver, copper, copper, precious stone, tree, clay or image on it.

Sadya in the picture: Devaki is breastfeeding pregnant Sri Krishna and Lakshmi ji touching her feet, such a feeling should be expressed. After this, in due time, in the sense of the manifestation of God, serve the cover in a Vedic way. The names of Devaki, Vasudeva, Vasudeva, Baldev, Nanda, Yashoda and Lakshmi, respectively, should be specified in worship. Finally ‘Pranme devjanani tvaya jatastu vamanah. Vasudevat and Krishna Namastubhyam Namo Namah.
In Saputarghyam Pradattam, in grihaaneme namoSstu te. Give arghya to Devaki with the mantra ‘Dharmay Dharmeshwaraya Dharmapataye Dharmasambhavay Govindaya Namo Namah’.

Give ‘Pushpanjali’ to Shri Krishna. After that, after performing Jatkarma, Nalchhedan, Shashthipujan and naming etc. ‘Somay Someshwaraya Sompataye Somabhavay Somay Namo Namah’. Pray for the moon in the mantra. Then add water, fruit, kush, safflower and scent to the corner and place both knees on the ground with ‘Ksirodarnavasambhuta Atrinetrasamudbhava’.
Grihanarghyam shashanke me rohinya sahito mama .. Jyotsnapate namastubhyam namaste astrologers address. Namaste Rohinikanta Arghya Mein Pratigrahyatam. ‘

Give arghya to the moon. Perform stotra-pathadi for the rest of the night. On the second day, after bathing and in the evening, perform the Parana at the end of the day or fast-eating constellation.

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