Team India craved only 1 run .. what did it do on the score of 67 before being reduced to 78 runs

When England and the visiting team India (India vs England) came to play the third Test match on Wednesday at Headingley Stadium in Leeds, a lot happened on the first day. One innings ended again in the first innings for the other team and the score was over a hundred. In the match, India won the toss and decided to strike first which came back. England outscored India by just 78 runs. The England team openers, who came to respond, pretended to be playing in another stadium and India had another stadium. England openers got 120 runs without losing a wicket until the end of the first match of the day. In the midst of all this, the most amazing time of the day was when the Indian team was playing after hitting 67 runs.

England’s quick bowlers were in full control of the Indian team, which came in first. India lost 5 of their wickets in 58 runs but Rohit Sharma was still on the field and Ravindra Jadeja, including Shami and Bumrah, were some of the tailbacks who had the power to turn the match mark as the previous match. The Indian innings seemed to be falling apart but with the strength of the remaining strikers, they have not given up courage.

Those are 67 run points .. everyone was amazed

India points now 67 with 5 wickets. Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja were playing on the field. Then something happened in the 37’s and 38’s over to the surprise of everyone. In the fourth of 37 goals scored by Craig Overton, he found Rohit Sharma (19 runs) caught by Robinson. Following this, in the next ball, Overton caught Mohammad Shami (0) caught by Burns. Overton was in the hat-trick, Ishant Sharma came on the field but somehow played the last over-the-top ball that was never found running. Overton misses the hat-trick. She was a wicket girl more. No image still exists ..

Now the score was 67/7, after which Sam Curran threw himself into the 38th over. Ravindra Jadeja and Ishant Sharma were present on the court. Jadeja dropped the first ball over, no goal was scored. But in the next ball, Jadeja (4 runs) returned to the tent after becoming lbw. Now Jasprit Bumrah came on the field and he too was out of the first ball as soon as he arrived. Now Sam Curran had worked on the hats, but he too would not have fired Siraj and missed the hat-trick.

4 wickets and 0 runs for 6 balls

That is, in the last 6 balls, two bowlers in total threw 4 wickets in India, India craving one run and both bowlers again missed a hat-trick. Scores were 67/5 in the past, the same scoreline now was 67/9..that same points Indian batting order failed that point could not go further and after three overtones in the way of Siraj taking the last wicket, India’s innings put out 78 runs.

Embarrassing record while batting first

With this, the Indian team has made another disgraceful record on its behalf. This is the lowest seven points in Test history by any team after winning a toss and choosing to bat. Earlier, in 1987, an Indian team was fired 75 against the West Indies in Delhi, choosing to strike first. When in 2008 they played South Africa in Ahmedabad, choosing to bat first, he was collected in the 76th division.

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