Tom Cruise and James Corden have a crazy conversation

Recently Tom Cruise and his team landed a helicopter in a wide field because the airport was temporarily closed. At the same time, James Corden shared the same story.

James and Tom have been good friends for a very long time and they both stay together whenever they have time and are seen in a show late several times. James was in England filming a new show and Tom Cruise is busy working on the upcoming film Mission: Impossible.

They both included catch-up time, Tom sent James an unsolicited request, the talk show host now sharing with his viewers!

James wrote to Tom, “I’m in London until mid-August, recording a new play. Let me know if you want to take raw juice x x x. ”

Tom replied, “What? Are you here We found time to catch dinner. Are you in Coworth? I can put my Heli there. ”

James answered and ignored the request at first. He wrote and said, “Here until August. Living in St Johns Wood. I would love to see you x. ”

According to Just Jared, Tom responded, “We will make that happen. Can I put my Heli in your yard? T. ”

James wrote about four funny pictures and Tom replied, “Does this mean no?”

While not showing all the other documents, James read his response, saying, “I’ll measure it, but my hunt is that you can’t put a helicopter in St Johns Wood.” He wrote, “You may wonder where I can live.” Shares Just Jared.

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