Toofaan Full HD Download | Toofaan Google Drive and Torrent Download

Toofan is the most anticipated movie enacted by Farhan Akhtar. Fiction lovers are more anxious to know the Toofan Release Date And Time to enjoy watching the movie online. Before that, scroll down to know more essential details about the Toofan movie.

Toofaan Full HD Download | Toofaan Google Drive and Torrent Download
Toofaan Full HD Download | Toofaan Google Drive and Torrent Download

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Toofan Full Story Explained 

At the beginning of the movie we saw a man, his name is Aziz Ali, and he is preparing for his final boxing match.
Now the situation has shifted and we see, the story goes back to Mumbai, where Aziz works under Jafar Bhai. Now Aju Bhai fights Maksud Bhai, and finally kills him and his whole man, because he has found order in Jafar Bhai. During the fight, Aju was injured, so she goes to the hospital, where she meets a doctor-Ananya. But she gets him out of the hospital because he can’t talk to her.
Aju is an orphan, so she often visits orphans in an orphanage. In the next scene, we see a boxer, but he has no strong, outspoken opponent. So the Boxing owner asks Aju to play with him. After seeing, Aju’s fight, the owner gets impressed. So he suggests Aju choose a boxing ring. Eventually, he became motivated and practised boxing regularly.
After a day of practice, he will join his first game at the club. Where he met “Nana Prabhu”, he is a famous Indian boxing coach. When Aju got off the boxing ring, he didn’t know much of the boxing rules. So the opponent punched Aju and was injured.
She goes back to the hospital, but this time Ananya is ready for her treatment because Aju has told her, that she is injured because she is joining boxing. Here we know that Nana-Prabhu is the father of Dr Ananya.
The next day Aju reaches out to Nana Prabhu’s team and asks to train her. Eventually, he gets ready to teach Aju, where he teaches him six fists and says that if you can follow and learn these six fists, you will be defending yourself, learning boxing. Aju learns all the fists with full dedication, and he continues the practice. After that, she won one fight, against Nana’s student, and finally, Nana Prabhu took Aju from her team. Ananya is very happy with Aziz.
Now Aziz is practising boxing at the state level, Nana helps him, get a boxing license, where he has to follow certain rules and licensing regulations.
 Aziz beats his opponents one by one, in the first round, and collects points. When he reached the Qualifier round two, he won the quarter-final and the semi-final there. He then discussed the matter with Ananya over the phone. He does not know the truth yet, that Ananya’s father is Nana-Prabhu.
In the next scene, Aziz prepares for his final match, with Dharmesh Patil. Dharmesh is a world-famous athlete. But Aziz, who knocked Dharmesh into the ring, won the game.
After that, when Nana found out, Ananya and Aziz fell in love. He goes out with his daughter to his house. Because Aziz belongs to the Muslim conquerors. So know that you live in a girls’ hostel.
Aziz is now preparing for the 64th Elite Men’s National boxing tournament in Delhi. When the man, he comes to meet Aziz and donates 12lakhs rs to free the match. Meanwhile, he releases the game, because he needs money, for Ananya’s new house.
When Aziz walks out of the ring, he listens to the news on TV, claiming that Aziz should be banned because Match is correcting the allegations against him. In addition, it is proven with the help of CCTV, so it is now banned for the next five years.
But Ananya forgives him, and now they are getting married. He drives a car because this is his source of income now. A short time later, Ananya gives birth to a baby girl, whose name is Myra. Five years later, he gets a letter, because he can join boxing now. But Aziz refuses to join, and even Ananya convinces him. The next day Ananya will take Aziz boxing license. When he returned, he died in an accident.
Aziz wants to fulfil Ananya’s last dream, so she decides to return to the ring. But this time he had to struggle harder than ever, for he had gained the weight, and he was not used to doing so.
Aziz is level in the ring and is battling Prithvi Singh, the national champion. Aziz wins each game one by one. So now is his chance for the final, and in this game his judge is Dharmesh. Because last time Dharmesh was beaten by Aziz so badly so now he wants revenge. Meanwhile, Dharmesh takes Aziz’s unqualified points and frees the game.
In the next scene, Nana-Prabhu knew that Dharmesh had done it on purpose, so Nana has offended him, against Aziz, meanwhile, Dharmesh is telling the whole truth and has done it with Aziz. Nana recorded her speech, and the next day a coalition group blocked Dharmesh.
Now Aziz Ali is preparing for his final game, which is the scene we saw, in the beginning. Prithvi Singh beats Aziz one by one, and here in one round Aziz breaks the point. Where he also released the second round. For Aziz, the third round of the match Nana is encouraged, and the result Prithvi is released. So Aziz won the national tournament.

Toofan Movie Star Cast

Toofan movie cast list is given below. Toofan was enacted by the leading celebrities of Indian Cinema. The Cast and the Characters of the most expected movie Toofan are given below, scroll down to know the Cast and the Characters of Toofan.

Farhan Akhtar as Aziz Ali (Toofan) aka Ajju Bhai

Paresh Rawal as Coach Nana Prabhu

Mrunal Thakur as Dr Ananya Prabhu, Aziz’s beloved

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra as IBF Secretary

Vijay Raaz as Jaffar Bhai

Hussain Dalal as Munna

Darshan Kumar as Dharmesh Patil

Supriya Pathak as Sister D’Souza

Milind Pathak as Inspector Shinde

Toofaan is a 2021 Indian Hindi-English language sports drama film directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and starring Farhan Akhtar as a national-level boxer, alongside Mrunal Thakur and Paresh Rawal in supporting roles. The film was premiered on 16 July 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

Toofan Movie Release date and Time

The movie Toofan is all set to be released on July 16, 2021. The most anticipated movie was released online on July 16, 2021. Fans can enjoy watching Toofan from July 16, 2021. The official announcement about the Movie’s release date is the most talked about topic today. Save the date and catch the movie on July 16, 2021. Thus Toofan’s Release Date is July 16, 2021.

Toofan Movie 2021 Trailer

Toofan was released on July 16, 2021. But the Trailer of the Toofan movie was released by the crew of the Movie. The trailer video of the Toofan is given below, scroll down to watch the exclusive trailer of the Toofan online.

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