Your daily horoscope for Thursday, September 23, 2021

You’ve made it past the middle of the week, but what does Thursday have in store for you? Look to the stars for answers.

A friend of a friend may provide a new and different dynamic.

If you need to have a discussion, today might not be the day for it. Your stubbornness could get in the way of a resolution.

Plans might be swept away today, but lean into it – it may lead to an instant attraction.


March 21 to April 20

Your taste in things can be startling. With stylish Venus opposing trendsetter Uranus, your ideas about what is nice could tend in a new direction.

This might not be the day to get a new look as you may regret it.


April 21 to May 21

Positive aspects may bring you together with those you chime with.

And yet you might find yourself on a different wavelength in the days ahead, preferring to follow your own inclinations and new adventures.


May 22 to June 21

You may thrive on distractions, even if you don’t get as much done as you hope.

With Venus opposing Uranus, it could be an encounter that takes you away from your tasks with new information or an invite you can’t refuse.


June 22 to July 23

Whatever you had planned could be overridden by events that sweep you away. If it involves an instant attraction or a meeting with someone who is different, you won’t mind.

You may be on the lookout for such an adventure subconsciously.


July 24 to August 23

Have responsibilities? If so, you may hope to get the most urgent things done but might not even manage this.

Family issues mean you have to scramble to sort them out, which could leave a muddle at work. Someone’s help may be invaluable.


August 24 to September 23

You could be tempted by an irresistible idea. Does it encourage you to take a short cut regarding an ongoing project? If yes, try to resist.

If you’ve worked long and hard to get where you are now, it’s unlikely that a quick fix is going to help.


September 24 to October 23

Surprises can come in all kinds of packages but with sultry Venus, your ruler, opposing electric Uranus, you could get a call or unexpected visit.

It might be from someone whose company you greatly value.


October 24 to November 22

Your solar chart looks to be active with the days ahead seemingly keeping you on your toes.

Even so, you may find it hard to resist an invite that can show up out of the blue. This might be a way to lighten up.


November 23 to December 21

Experiencing a disconnect with someone? If so, it may be down to the Venus-Uranus face-off that makes it difficult to see eye-to-eye.

This isn’t the best day to hold a discussion, as you might be both too stubborn to consider a compromise.


December 22 to January 21

A friend of a friend could be so very different from your usual crowd that they may take you aback.

You might be uncertain whether you find them irritating or great company or even a mix of both. The coming days can see you inspired by them.


January 22 to February 19

As Mars aligns with Saturn, you may wonder how far you should go in discussing your feelings.

With Saturn in your sign, your natural reaction might be to hold back, which is understandable. Yet with Venus also linking to Uranus, you could let something slip.


February 20 to March 20

A break or vacation may get off to a difficult start, and you might even wonder if it’s meant to be. Persevere, as sometimes when things go wrong it’s because the hand of fate is at work.

You could be destined to meet someone or something.

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