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DSMNRU Plans to Establish Hi Tech Limb Manufacturing Laboratory

Summary of Hi Tech Limb Manaufacturing Lab

Hi Tech Limb Manufacturing plant

DSMNRU Expanding Artificial Limb and Rehabilitation Centre with Cutting-Edge Facilities

Dr. Shakuntala Mishra National Rehabilitation University (DSMNRU) in Lucknow is set to enhance its Artificial Limb and Rehabilitation Centre with the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities, including the Myoelectric Prosthetic Lab. This initiative aims to produce affordable artificial limbs through research on myoelectric prosthetics driven by artificial intelligence, ensuring accessibility to high-quality myoelectric hands for individuals across all categories of disabilities in the state. Additionally, plans include the establishment of a Pedagogical Lab and the installation of advanced equipment such as computerized foot scanning machines and foot orthotic moulding machines. 

These additions will enable precise orthotic treatment by measuring foot pressure and providing custom insoles, thereby reducing tissue damage and minimizing the risk of limb loss. The centre offers various free services to persons with disabilities, requiring documentation such as Aadhar Card, U.D.I.D. Card (Disability Certificate), and Income Certificate (Monthly Income Rs. 15,000.00). Registration is mandatory to access the services, followed by an OPD examination to assess requirements and provide customized prosthetic limbs, along with comprehensive training for ease of use. 

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjay Singh highlights the centre’s commitment to providing modern technology-based prosthetic limbs free of charge, having already served over 3300 individuals. Registrar Rohit Singh announces the development of a portal for the University Artificial Limb and Rehabilitation Centre, facilitating remote registration and real-time updates on limb manufacturing status. The modern artificial limbs feature natural gait and modular technology, enabling easy replacement of damaged parts without the need for full limb replacement. Furthermore, the centre offers splinting services, unique in the state, catering to individuals with arthritis and paralysis, reaffirming DSMNRU’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities.


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